H.H. Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa is creating a new hope for the youth of Bahrain through MMA. His project KHK MMA have focused heavily on developing their amateur MMA team since their formation in 2015. Now KHK’s new scouting program is underway, which will change the lives of many young men in Bahrain.
M.Shahid & H.Kooheji
M.Shahid & H.Kooheji

KHK MMA’s scouting program was launched on Thursday, August 4 as CEO Mohammed Shahid made an appearance at Bahrain MMA gym where Arabian Fight Night was taking place. Fighter’s from all over the kingdom came to showcase their talent for a chance to impress and prove that they are the future combat athletes in Bahrain. The amateur fighting event had it all, from slick submissions to hard punching knockouts which caught the attention of Shahid from the opening moments.

A big number of press personnel  were present to witness and cover the first stage of the scouting program, which highlighted the inspirational impact KHK MMA, under the patronage of H.H the Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa , is having upon the youth of Bahrain. The motivation and exceptional improvement of skills and knowledge underlines the impact of his highness’s vision and the clear benefits it created.

PUM_6508CEO of KHK MMA Mohammed Shahid said: “We saw some excellent talents and some of the talents that particularly caught my attention were boys at the age of 13 and 16 years old. It shows how much KHK MMA has inspired Bahrain’s future generation. We will be announcing the list of successful candidates after the last day of scouting, where some of these kids will have an opportunity to be developed under some of the best coaches and facilities in the world. But I had a great time at Bahrain MMA watching some slick submissions and two fights ending in knock-out!
With BMMA being the official partners, this relationship is clearly showing in the quality of the young fighters training here at BMMA” KHK MMA provided some of their professional coaches to oversee the development and well-being of each participant, in an unprecedented opportunity for these aspiring athletes.


All fights were declared a draw, indicating that it wasn’t the result that mattered, but the process taking place and showcasing the talents possessed by these kids. This was a true testament of KHK MMA’s hard work, which was clearly rooted in the development of Bahrain’s amateur fighters first and foremost.

PUM_6476His highness’s full support and creation of an amateur team and a subsequent scouting program which is running now, has galvanized the youth of Bahrain and given them hope, allowing them to dream of emulating their heroes.

The scouting program started on July 28th and runs until August 18th, after which an announcement will be made on September 4th regarding which fighter has been selected as the brightest prospect from each gym.

This first round  was only a taster of what’s to come. This is only the beginning  for Bahrain, and KHK MMA’s new generation of mixed martial artists.

KHK has provided the number of Mr. Shehab Ali, who will be the representative of the scouting program 37226066.