Friday, December 13, 2019

13th Spring Cultural Festival announced

In February of each year, the Spring of Culture is being held in Bahrain, announcing a renewed cultural season that will provide the Kingdom’s audience with a variety of activities from all over the world, stimulating local cultural mobility through continuous activity for two consecutive months. The Bahrain Culture and Antiquities Authority, the Economic Development Board, the Sheikh Ibrahim Center for Culture and Research, and the Al-Farah Fine Arts Center and the Lafontaine Center for Contemporary Art announced the activities and programs of the Spring Cultural Festival in its thirteenth edition on Sunday 18 February 2018. In the Museum of the site of Bahrain Castle in conjunction with the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the museum, and within the program of Culture Authority, which celebrates the choice of “Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture 2018.”

The conference was held in the presence of Her Excellency Sheikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Bahrain Culture and Antiquities Authority, Khalid Al Rumaihi, Executive Chairman of the Economic Development Board, and a number of diplomatic corps and ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

HE Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa said: “We are launching the 13th edition of the Spring of Culture Festival in the Museum of the Castle of Bahrain site, the first of its kind in the culture of investment. We renew our thanks and gratitude to the Arcapetna Group for supporting the establishment of the museum. Our long history. ” She added: “Thirteen weeks passed by the Kingdom of Bahrain during which the Spring of Culture Festival made bridges of communication with the world, hand in hand with all our partners in the civilizational achievement.” “From the museum that turns off the tenth candle, we announce this cultural season in the context of our celebration of the city Muharraq Capital of Islamic Culture 2018 “. “The Pearl Road in Muharraq simulates the location of the Bahrain Citadel in Manama.” The two UNESCO World Heritage Sites reflect the history and civilization of ancient and modern Bahrain and affirm that Bahraini man has been a constant performer over the years.

“We meet every year for the image of our Kingdom and our cultural movement, where the spring is the title of the meeting that brings together all the components of this country,” she said. She also thanked all the partners of Spring of Culture: Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Center Al-Khalifa for Culture and Research, Dar Al-Farah for Fine Arts and Lavontaine Gallery, in addition to thanks to the sponsors of the festival who believe in culture and its role in the advancement of societies. She also thanked the presence of Monique Kerrfran, who founded the French expedition for exploration in the Kingdom of Bahrain 40 years ago, and engineer Klaus Follard, architect and designer of the Museum of the Castle of Bahrain. She also valued the participation of the Ministry of Interior to make the press conference a success.

HE Khalid Al Rumaihi, Executive Chairman of the EDB, said: “The continued support and generous patronage of the Spring Cultural Festival in all its private sector institutions and in partnership with the public sector reflects the confidence of all parties in the success of this international festival. The Kingdom’s tourism sector has the potential to grow by 6.3% in the Kingdom’s tourism infrastructure, with a total investment of more than BD 4.9 billion. A festival with the role of the Council seeking to create more jobs through the revitalization of the sector and attracting investments to quality as a competitive advantage that the focus of the Council in its strategic plan sectors. ”

Golden sponsors of the festival are: Batelco, National Bank of Bahrain and the Gfh Financial Empowerment Group. The sponsors of the festival are Alba, Bahrain Duty Free, Bapco, BBK, Gulf Air, Bahrain Airport and Huawei.

The Spring of Culture Festival in its thirteenth edition offers a variety of activities and activities that suit different segments of the society from art and craft exhibitions, intellectual seminars, lectures, poetry evenings, concerts and theater performances.

The Spring of Culture Festival will take place with the musical “Gilgamesh Epic” hosted by the Bahrain National Theater on February 25th during the Arab Tourism Day, launched by Manama as the Arab Tourism Capital in 2013 and coinciding with the birth anniversary of Ibn Battuta. This artistic work was written and written by Abed Azrih, led by Alain Goutar with the Chorus of the University of Our Lady of Luizah – Lebanon, Paris Group and Trials, and the band Mohammed Ben Fares.

In the Bahrain Citadel, the Bahrain Cultural and Archaeological Authority (BIC) offers interactive “Sound and Light” presentations, which present a summary of the history of the place from the time of the Delmon civilization until today, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 27 February. 7 pm. The Bahrain Castle site museum is participating in the festival activity by introducing the “Night of the Movies” activity on March 15 and April 26, 2018.

The Cultural Hall hosts a number of musical and musical performances at the Spring of Culture Festival. On March 1, 2018, a concert by Karim Saqli was held, in which she sang the poems of Arab poets. On March 8, the stage of the cultural hall was presented by Makbeth. On March 14, the concert hall will host the Korean concert of the Sukmeong Orchestra, in which the band will play the most famous traditional Korean and international instruments on the kayagam. The ceremony will be held in cooperation with the Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Cultural Hall continues its activity and its theater on March 17 hosts the play “The Wonderful George Medication” inspired by the finest stories of Lord Dal, and the play was repeated on March 20 of the same month. On March 22nd, the Jerusalem Arab Music Ensemble will perform a selection of national and Arabic songs.

On March 25, the Ettenopolis Cultural Center will host the most famous songs inspired by traditional Italian music. The event will be held in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Bahrain. The European classical music will be presented to the cultural hall on March 28 with a concert of some of the finest music by Italian and European greats, presented by the talented Italian duo of the Giuseppe Verdi Music Institute in Turin, Mizozoprano Laura Caprietti and pianist Francesco Macaroni. With the Italian Embassy in Bahrain.

In cooperation with the US Embassy in Bahrain, the Cultural Hall on March 31 will host Mary McBride, which will take the public on a journey to the worlds of cantry, blues and rock. From Palestine comes to the cultural hall play “36 Abbas Street, Haifa” on April 4, 2018 to provide a controversial story of the challenge and determination in the face of obstacles and diaspora and the right of return. On April 6, the cultural hall will present the “Darwish-Molawiya Dance”, which will be performed by Turkey, which will present to the public the Moulouya, which is one of the most important elements of Turkish rich culture. The Cultural Hall concludes its activities during the Spring of Culture Festival with the play “The Wormous Worm,” which runs from 12 to 16 April.

The musical activity of the Spring Festival takes place in the Mohammed Bin Fares Hall of the Gulf Sound in Muharraq, which is part of the Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research. On March 1, 2018, Mohammed Bin Fares performs a group of songs through which the audience The songs of farewell and the separation of the homeland and the family, and the songs that accompanied the hard work and reduce the hardships, and the arts of weddings and happy events, in addition to clips to give an idea of ​​the development of the Bahraini song, which has become common to all generations.

Riffa House will host the evenings of traditional music known as Riffa, starting on March 3, and will resume its activities on 17 March, 14 and 28 April. The Muharraq House in Muharraq opens with a variety of styles of traditional music from 10 March and 24 March and 21 April.

At the Sheikh Ibrahim Center for Culture and Research, Syrian artist Maya Yusuf will present on March 5 her concert entitled “Ahlam Syria”, which is based on the law machine she has been playing since the age of 10. On April 30th, the center will host Saad Jawad to perform well known Oud songs.

The Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) will present its performances and concerts at the Spring of Culture Festival in the Gulf of Bahrain Theater, where the opening ceremony will take place on March 2 with the Bahraini artist Majid Jordan, followed by the concert of Abdullah Al Ruwaished and Nabil Shuail on March 9, The “Quaid and their Friends” band, which is famous in Bahrain and offers a selection of distinguished artists of the Kingdom. On March 23, Bahrain’s international artist James Arthur comes to the Gulf of Bahrain and sets on stage with some of his most famous songs. Ragheb Alama will come to the Kingdom of Bahrain on March 30th to present in the same theater a collection of the most famous songs of his new and old albums.


This year’s Spring Festival will give its audience rich visual experiences through its program exhibitions. A number of exhibitions are currently being held around Bahrain, the first of which is Bahrain’s 44th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, which offers a variety of creative works for Bahraini and resident artists in the private tent next to Arad Castle until March 7, 2018. At the Bahrain National Museum, two exhibitions are currently being held: “Between Muharraq and Seville … The Bolza and Bouassad Dialogues”, which will continue until March 20, 2018, with works of art for the Arabic calligraphy and the exhibition “Art in the Civilization of Muslim Countries”. At the Lafontaine Center for Contemporary Art there is the exhibition “Journey of Life” by artist Vrishti Shishin, and continues until 8 May 2018 with detailed artwork highlighting the skill of the artist in the exploitation of elements of light and shadow.

Dar Al-Barah participates in the Spring of Culture activity by hosting the exhibition “Ash-Ash” by artist Malak El-Hassan, which opens on 6 March 2018 and presents works of black and white through which the artist expresses her concepts and visions of the journey of life and the different stations in it. On 8 April, ALDAR will also present an exhibition entitled “Dual Presence” by Annie Kordjdjian.

The Arts Center, which begins its activities within the festival with the hosting of the exhibition “This compass always refers to Palestine”, which is presented for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain, beginning on March 7, 2018, the works of the Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al Ali. On April 4, 2018, the Center will host the “Music and Mirrors” exhibition by Bahraini artist Jamal Abdel Rahim.

The “Memory of the Place” – Bin Matar Building, which is part of the Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Cultural and Research Center, will be present at the Spring Festival and the exhibition “Paradise Lost” by Khalil Al Hashemi will be presented on March 11, 2018. Research and the possibility of salvation.

On March 17, the Lafontaine Center will present the “Warlokurlango Artists” exhibition, which highlights the famous acrylic paintings and art prints of the Australian art association of Arlokurlango.

The Bahrain National Theater will take part in the artistic activity of the Spring of Culture Festival. On March 27, 2018, the Sinamadri exhibition will be held on the occasion of the International Day of Theater, an exhibition organized by the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy. On the story of architecture in the world of theater, cinematography and theatrical design.

On March 28, the Bahrain International Book Fair in its 18th edition brings together regional and international publishing houses and bookstores, and the most important and most recent books under one roof, presenting Saudi Arabia as a guest of honor.

Lectures and literary and intellectual seminars:

During the Spring of Culture Festival, the Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Cultural and Research Center will present a series of literary and intellectual evenings. On February 26, a lecture will be given by Mr. Magdy Sibla, Chairman of Dar Al Hilal Press. On 19 March, the Bahraini Media Center, Bruin Habib, will host an evening entitled “Jasmine Night” in which she will present with the Syrian singer Ronahi Mamo a poem by Nizar Qabbani. He will attend the Sheikh Ibrahim Center for Culture and Research, Mr. Hubert Lang, on April 2 to deliver a lecture entitled “German Journey in the Arab Countries”. Mr. Hassan Shobokshi will give a lecture at the Center on April 16.

In the House of Abdullah Al-Zayed for the heritage of Bahrain, a journalist affiliated with the Center of Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa for Culture and Research, Mr. Fadel Al-Sultani to speak on March 26, 2018 about the schools of British poetry in fifty years and its effects on Arabic poetry, followed by April 23 Mr. Hassan Yousef to talk about “Literary literature and visual literature of paper on the screen (end brave man model)”.

The Bahrain National Museum will host on February 28 a lecture by Professor Giovanni Cioratola to highlight some aspects of the development of Islamic art during the past centuries. On March 28, the museum will also present a lecture entitled “Revealing the Beauty, Presentation of Islamic Arts in Morocco” with Dr. Sabeeha Al Khmer.

In the Museum of the site of the Castle of Bahrain, a lecture will be held on 27 March 2018 entitled “Imran Muharraq Island and its architecture” presented by Engineer Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Jowder.

Poetry is a place reserved for the 13th Spring Cultural Festival. The Poetry House is hosted by Ibrahim Al-Arayed, which is part of the Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa Center for Culture and Research. On March 12, a poetry evening for Sudanese poet Rawda Al-Haj is entitled “Neilan from the ink of the poem”. The Palestinian poet Rashid Issa.

For the Pearl lovers, the Culture Authority will host an evening conversation on April 30th, co-organized by the Pearl Road project in Muharraq and the Paris-based Van Cleef & Arpels Institute. Two experts in natural pearls have gathered to talk about the pearl career and other details about these precious stones.

Based on the keenness of the festival and its commitment to contribute to meeting the needs of the local community in the development of Bahraini talents in various technical fields, the Culture Spring Community Program, with the support of the Economic Development Board, continues its efforts to adopt and implement several technical workshops for various governmental and humanitarian groups and institutions in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Salman Cultural Center and the National Bank of Bahrain for the rehabilitation of the disabled and other community centers and categories.

This year, the community program invites the international artist in the field of sand sculpture, artist Sudarsan Patnik, for the third year to present a workshop which is one of the most important workshops organized by the cultural spring program for teachers and teachers of art education and talented students in the field of sand sculpture. Teachers and teachers in the past years to translate the benefit in this field in the training of teachers and students in the schools of the Kingdom of Bahrain, government and private, as they form

Through these workshops, a technical team supports the task of sand sculpture at the educational and national events and forums organized by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain, such as the occasion of the National Action Charter and events celebrating women and children in the Kingdom and the world. Teachers of people with special needs and their students, where they recently managed to work sand sculpture on the sand on the occasion of the World Day for people with special needs, which was held under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the technical team, which was trained by the world sculptor Sudarsan Patnik.

Dr. Fadhil Al-Jaf, a professor and lecturer in the Department of Management and Business at the Turkish University of Ischk, who has a doctorate in this field and is the supervisor of many training courses, has been invited to provide a course entitled “Effective Body and Sound Technology for a group of secondary school teachers to enable them to acquire Effective physical skills in communication and the use of techniques to restore the energy and vitality necessary to communicate with students within the classes as well as the acquisition of gravity and charisma through the effective use of the body and the reconciliation between the body and sound as instrumental in the educational process.

Cultural infrastructure projects:

During the month of March, Muharraq will witness the opening of the “Green Effects” pavilion, which the Kingdom of Bahrain participated in the Milan Expo in 2015. It was reconstructed next to Sheikh Issa Bin Ali House in Muharraq. It includes ten fruit gardens and archaeological pieces that give an idea of ​​the agricultural heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Workshops, social responsibility and talent care:

The Spring of Culture Festival offers a series of workshops in various artistic fields, with the support of the Bahrain Culture and Antiquities Authority, the Economic Development Board and the Sheikh Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research. The program of workshops and registration can be found by visiting the festival website

The Community Spring Culture Program, with the support of the Economic Development Board, continues its efforts to adopt and implement several technical workshops for various governmental and humanitarian groups in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Salman Cultural Center, the National Bank of Bahrain for Rehabilitation of the Disabled and other community centers and groups.

The organizers of the Spring Culture Festival note that tickets for the Gulf of Bahrain events are available through Tickets for the Bahrain National Theater are sold at Virgin Megastore stores and on the shops website. Tickets for the LaFontaine Center for Contemporary Art are also sold at the same center, and tickets for the cultural activities are available at the family markets. Tickets for sound and light offers can be purchased at 17786484 or 39127899.

To keep abreast of the latest news about the festival, follow us on our official account (@pringofculture) on Twitter, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can view the full details of the festival, its activities and events, and register at various workshops through, and through the application of the festival for smart devices: Spring of Culture.


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