You no longer need to dig deeper… From senior to top management officials in government entities, this ‘Government Directory’ mobile app provides the public, event planning organizations and companies with government official contacts in the country to make them accessible within your reach when needed for your business purposes.

Beside ministries as well as authorities’ hotline and landline numbers; the regularly updated user friendly application – delivered by the Information & eGovernment Authority via the eGovernment Apps Store ( – conveniently brings multiple components and a great deal of information like all governmental entities social media accounts and geographic locations on the Bahrain map.

Supporting open door policy, Government Directory serves as an important communication tool between the government and private sector. Companies can also take advantage of it when inviting officials for organized events and gatherings as users can search for specific government organization employees saving time and becoming informed with appropriate protocol requirements in searching for the titles and government names. It further provides the feature of calling and sending emails besides adding a contact to your Favorites.

The rich, simple interface app comprises more than 700 governmental employees and data of 55 public entities excluding those with confidential nature. With the purpose of easing the tracking method for the user and avoiding search in numerous channels from one entity to another , a single platform has been created to comprise a list of data that includes high position seniors such as directors, advisors, chief executive officers, assistant undersecretaries, deputy ministers as well as ministers and those with acting positions.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the application can be easily uploaded for the small size it consumes in mobiles’ memory storage. For suggestions or enquiries on the app please send them to us via To download the app visit the eGovernment Apps Store (