2000 participants at “I Made It” in Bahrain


Ibdaa Hub held the first of its kind in Bahrain, I Made It, was attended by more than 2,000 participants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and Bahrain at the Gulf Hotel, With the aim of presenting outstanding success stories in the region to the young people of Bahrain, in order to stimulate and activate their energies and push them on the path of entrepreneurship, innovation and achievement.

During the six-hours event, the audience listened to prominent Saudi entrepreneur Adwa Al-Dakhil, Jordanian journalist Ola Al-Faris and renowned Saudi adventurer Farouk Zouman talking about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them before their efforts finally culminated.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO of Ibdaa Hub Mr. Khalil AL Qahiri commented, “The success of I Made It proves that Gulf youth are eager to learn, create, innovate, prove themselves and contribute to the development and prosperity of their homeland. the name of the event is inspired by the presenting people who have provided useful things for themselves, their country and perhaps all of humanity, and we as young Bahraini we can really learn from them and walk the path of achievement,”

He added, “We are very aware that young Bahrainis are capable of innovation and creativity, so we offer them successful Arab models to inspire them and put them face to face with a number of leading entrepreneurs in the region and provide them with a platform to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices,”

According to Al Qahiri, Ibdaa Hub will continue to build on the success of this event by setting up similar events in Bahrain on a monthly basis, but on a smaller scale only to showcase the experiences of Bahraini entrepreneurs and promote their work and creativity across the region and the world through YouTube channel to be created specifically for this purpose.