Dar Al Arqum proudly launches its second Annual Quran Competition for non-Arabic speakers.

The Salman Al-Farsi Quranic Competition is held under the patronage of Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa, for non-Arabic speaking people in our beloved land the Kingdom of Bahrain, which includes both citizens and residents. This competition aims to learn Quran and understand it and practice it in our daily life as fundamental manual for Muslim happy life, beside that all, to be rewarded by Allah.

Reasons of launching this competition:

There is a sizable segment of non-Arabic speaking Muslims in Bahrain. Dar Al Arqum gives that unique opportunity to the community and hence in the process motivates everyone to join and learn Quran as per the teachings of our prophet Muhammad   صلى الله عليه وسلم, to learn and teach Quran.

Date of competition

Salam Al Farsi started in 1434H, which is 2013 under the Ministry of Justice and Islamic affairs, which had the same goal to teach Quran Al Kareem.

Why Salam Al Farsi ?

The competition is named after the companion of Prophet Muhammad Salman Al Farsi as he had non Arabic roots.  He learned and memorized Quran and also translated some of the Ayats.

Salman Al Farsi Quranic Competition is considered unique in Bahrain because for its attention and care for the non-Arabic speaking community. It is supervised under the most knowledgeable team of its field and senior scholars of Quran teachings, which is managed by Shaikh Waleed Hasan Janahi, who has Masha Allah, years of experience in Quranic Competition. nationally and internationally.

The competition was open to all non Arabic speakers.  410 people competed from all age groups covering 12 nationalities, including French, Russian, Indian and many more. Beside that 36 Quranic Centers in Bahrain have participated.

The event is sponsored  By Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Gulf Air Club, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Bahrain Islamic Bank, AsgharAli Perfumes, Lulu Hypermarket, Mobitel and Mygollys beside some good people’s individual’s donation. We are grateful to Allah and after that to the sponsors, from bottom of our heart, we would not have achieved this goal without their support and their generous contribution.

The winners from different categories will receive prizes ranging from BD 250 to BD 80. Approximately 31 prizes, from the total amount of Prizes BD 5350, plus some exceptional winners like youngest one and the eldest one.

Good News

With the success of the first and second competition, Dar Al Arqum plans to include a category serve the Arabic speaking expats as well for the coming year 2017 in Sha Allah.