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25 Steps to True Happiness

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As we are still in January and 2016 is still brand new, Kelly Armatage shares
with us 25 valuable advice to help us make this new year a truly happy one!

1. You can never change another person, only yourself.

2. Surrendering control is where peace resides.

3. Assertiveness is a necessary skill to prevent manipulation.

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4. Awareness of yourself creates the awareness of life.

5. When you are attached, you are living within the ego.

6. Happy relationships happen through acceptance.

7. Love happens when you connect to yourself.

8. Being comfortable with being alone is an achievement.

9. Serving your gift to the world is your purpose.

10. Criticism to yourself or others is bullying.

11. Your thoughts create your reality.

12. When we clean up the mind enough, we create enlightenment.

13. Gossip = a habit that those with low self esteem enjoy.

14. You can change your behaviours with a 100% intention.

15. Forgiveness equates being responsible for your peace.

16. The law of attraction exists, it is wise to learn the mechanics.

17. You deepen relationships when you learn compassion.

18. You can heal disease through an awakened mind & nutrition.

19. Deep suffering creates wisdom, knowledge and awareness.

20. Learning the art of living in the now ensures awakening.

21. The journey to self love is THE journey.

22. Open hearted, vulnerable communication ensures respect.

23. Deeply listening to others is a gift to any relationship.

24. Regular gratitude rituals will change your cellular structure.

25. You become a healer to others when you vibrate love.

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