5 high-tech toys to delight kids of all ages


Having kids around makes the holidays more magical, and to be honest, the toys they have nowadays makes our basic Lincoln Logs and Lego blocks look a little old fashioned. True, Lincoln Logs and Legos will always be awesome, but these toys are decidedly more high-tech. Like the classic toys of our own youth, they’re still designed to stimulate the imagination, help kids master new concepts, and provide hours and hours of entertainment. Now they just require charging a little more often.

We play-tested every toy on this page to make sure it was fun to use and age appropriate for both the children in your house—and, yes, the big kid who is you.

BB–8 by Sphero

Show me a kid who isn’t excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I’ll show you a kid who probably just needs to see the trailer a few dozen more times. My own son loves the BB–8, or as he’s nicknamed it, “the soccer ball dwoid.” And when he saw me unbox this toy version, I instantly became his hero again—in your face, Han Solo.

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