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9 Beauty Hazards People with Oily Skin should Never Commit

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Oily skin is a common skin concern among people all over the world. This type of skin can be attributed to a wide range of factors like genetics, lifestyle habits, environmental factors, etc. Apart from these, there are multiple factors that can trigger excessive sebum production in your skin and make it look shiny and greasy.

Watch out for the 9 beauty hazards people with oily skin should never commit.

Toner: Skin toner is a valuable product that balances the pH level and removes excess oil from the surface of the skin. However, it is crucial to use a mild toner as using a harsh toner can cause skin irritation that can further lead to blemishes.

Sleeping with make-up on: People with oily skin should never sleep with make-up on, as it may cause an increase in sebum production and exacerbate the problem of oiliness.

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Skipping exfoliation: Exfoliation is an essential skin care step as it removes excess sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt from the deep layers of the skin. It is imperative for people with oily skin to exfoliate regularly to ensure the skin pores do not get clogged and acne breakouts stay at bay.

Wearing thick make-up: Wearing thick make-up is a complete no-no for oily skin. Wearing layers of make-up can lead to excess sebum production and even cause a breakdown of the foundation. Instead of wearing multiple layers of make-up, just opt for long-lasting make-up products that offer full coverage and feature oil-free formulation to keep the unwanted shine and greasiness at bay.



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