Saturday, June 12, 2021

    A brand-new BMW X1 awarded to VIVA Sports Club grand prize winner

    VIVA Bahrain’s special subscription promotion on VIVA Sports Club offering customers the latest sports premium content with a chance to win exciting prizes, recently concluded with the third and last monthly prize draw. Mohammad Ilyas Qureshi, the grand prize winner, became the proud owner of a brand-new BMW X1 in addition to winners being awarded with weekly cash prizes of US$ 250 each.

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    This exclusive promotion on the VIVA Sports Club, which ran between Mar-July 2018, witnessed a total of 17 cash prizes so far, 2 Kia Picanto cars and a BMW X1 awarded to VIVA subscribers over three months. In the second monthly draw that took place last month, five winners were awarded cash prizes in addition to Zahid Jamil Sheikh winning the latest new Kia Picanto car.

    Starting October 2018, another new offering from VIVA Sports Club will be launched soon for a duration of two months. This will include more cash prizes where customers will able to win USD 1,000 every other week in addition to the subscription service which will offer them the chance to win weekly cash prizes of USD 250 until the end of the year.

    The service is open to Prepaid and Postpaid customers, providing them with a daily dose of sports facts, content and more at just 100 fils per day. Subscribers can also register for the VIVA SMS Trivia game to answer simple sports-related questions for 500 fils per SMS and be awarded with Free VIVA calling minutes for each response in addition to earning extra points for the prize draw.

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