The grand opening of a new Bahraini Concept created by Ms. Sara Al Sharfaa “upDate” – Dates, Chocolate & more (Proudly Made in Bahrain) held on 5th Dec 2018, was attended by the VIPs from the Ministries, food bloggers, Bahrain top media representatives.

“upDate” is a new wave concept to bring back Bahraini traditions into a modern way, We keep working on the concept upDate to keep it continuously updating ..the flavors, menu, ideas where nothing is always the same.

We level up the Date way. From the traditional… the hip, trendy and bold

The UpDate concept was born out of a singular obsession – to bring the most iconic symbol of Arabian tradition and hospitality to the modern era.

In this new wave approach, dates are fun, innovative and versatile. While they remain firmly rooted in the past, they are also young, contemporary and adventurous. Most importantly however, they are constantly evolving and are always full of delightful possibility.

At UpDate, quality is not a cliché but a commitment that we take very seriously.

All our products are a creative mix of delicious, fresh and wholesome ingredients made from scratch to exacting standards and unique proprietary recipes.