The “A9eel in School” program, organized by Tamkeen in partnership with the Ministry of Education, concluded its “A9eel Competition for the year 2015-2016” in which 32 government secondary schools participated from the general and technical education system with an approximate of 500 students. The final ceremony agenda included a workshop and a panel discussion around work ethics importance in the corporate world.  The final event was then concluded with an award ceremony that highlighted the top 3 winning schools:  Al Wafa Secondary Girls School (First Place Winner), Isa Town Secondary Girls School and Muharraq Secondary Girls School (Second Place Winner and runner-up), and Sitra Secondary Girls School (Third Place Winner).

A9eel’s main objective is to instill basic work ethics among Bahraini youths with the goal of educating them on work environment challenges and equipping them with job readiness skills. The A9eel program is implemented in all government secondary schools around the Kingdom.

Every year, the A9eel program engages all participating schools in a competition, “A9eel’s Creative Project”, with this year’s edition emphasizing its communication via social media. A9eel worked closely with Bahraini Youth who are active in social media to create awareness about a9eel objectives

The A9eel exhibition is considered to be the final stage as part of the “A9eel program”, which covers an entire academic semester and contains 12 training sessions to prepare the participating students. The program concludes after the judging committee votes on the best projects during the exhibition.

Weekly challenges were addressed to the participating schools to allow them to gather bonus points during the competition. The first challenge was won by Al Wafa Secondary School whereby they had to express their appreciation through the usage of recycled material.  The second challenge was once again won by Al Wafa Seondary Girls School together with Al Istqlal Secondary Girls School.  The second challenge revolved around creating a bulletin board that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, praised the schools and the importance of the programme saying: “We are extremely proud of all the participating schools and the effort they put into the competition. Tamkeen constantly seeks to empower Bahrain’s youth and equip them with essential skills as they take their first steps into their professional journey and become Bahrain’s future business leaders. As part of this, the A9eel programme has become a key element for Bahraini students to learn of A9eel’s values which are important for the work environment in Bahrain.”

Launched in 2009, the A9eel programme falls under Tamkeen’s Work Readiness and Corporate Culture initiatives and has been active for the last six years serving more than 5000 students all around the schools in Bahrain.