AB Communications Sponsoring AIESEC in Bahrain’s Enliven Project

AB Communications, a leading PR and communications agency, has announced its sponsorship of AIESEC in Bahrain’s Enliven Project, a captivating summer camp for the young Bahraini students. The summer camp promises to be full of interactive and creative learning.

Enliven Project is built upon the essence of capitalizing and showcasing youth talents and personalities and is supported by international trainees and local artists. The project focuses on engaging the youth and enhancing children’s capabilities and productivity during the summer, while acknowledging the value of children’s education in an efficient manner.

Students will develop and learn different skills and talents through various activities, that would then be showcased in several shows and tournaments. The camp focuses on creating healthy competition and motivating students into accomplishing achievements with their talents.

“We are delighted to be part of this tremendous project, supported by AIESEC in Bahrain, which has been more than 9 years continuously developing youth in Bahrain’s leadership potentials.” Commented Ms. Amira Haji, Managing Director of AB Communications.

“Our Sponsorship of Enliven Project indicates the significance of building individual character, confidence and skills for Bahrain’s new generation, through a wide range of activities, creating lifelong values of teamwork and individual responsibility within the youth.” Haji added.

“Enliven Project is in harmony with AB Communications goal to help its clients promoting their messages and creating the perfect experience for them.” Haji commented.