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An Absolute Gourmet’s Delight!

The Fascinating Flavours of Asia in a Houseboat Restaurant

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Asia, the largest continent of the world, is a land of diverse cultures and cuisines. From Chinese to Indian, from Japanese to Thai, the land offers a host of cuisines with their distinctive tastes, flavours and essences.

The Houseboat Restaurant located at block 338 in Adliya, with a branch in the Amwaj Lagoon,  offers the varied oriental aromas and tastes of different cuisines of the continent, popular all over the world.

The three-floor Houseboat Restaurant in Adliya with a rooftop sit-in facility and its cool and chic decorations, offers a fine dining experience which including Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine & Thai Cuisine boasts to be the only restaurant in block 338 providing all the Asian taste in one restaurant. On the other hand, the Amwaj branch provides the most relaxing dining experience with a great view of the Lagoon. The Houseboat Restaurant offers various facilities to its Valuable Guests such as out-door catering, event organizing, booking of the entire restaurant & delivery services. What’s more, the  Houseboat Restaurant is about to introduce Breakfast which will comprise options like the Traditional Indian Breakfast and Traditional Arabic Breakfast. Also, the restaurant is about to introduce weekends brunch and healthy option dishes that will help the valued guests maintain a healthier life.

Houseboat Restaurant, Amwaj with a delightful family atmosphere, is one of the most famous and popular restaurant at Lagoon Amwaj. It is the only Asian dine-in restaurant in Amwaj with a sprawling garden , and a delectable view of the Lagoon park that guests can enjoy with a sumptuous lunch or dinner. This branch is soon coming up with a variety of many fresh fruit mocktails, frozen mocktails, and so on. Both the branches of the Houseboat restaurant serves identical food and drinks menu.

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What hooks us to the Houseboat Restaurant is the Menu for the Week, Khoka Maki, prepared by Chef Indra Kumar Lama which is sure to set your day in perspective once you’ve had a spoonful of it!


Nori-full sheet

Japanese rice -120gms

Cream cheese – 30gms

Fresh salmon-45 gsm

Japanese mayo-25gms

Wasabi paste -15gms


Tempura flour -40gms

Plain flour -20gms


1) Tempura batter: Take a bowl and add tempura flour and water in it. Whisk it well . Make sure the batter is not too thick but is of medium thickness.

2) Take a papanese bamboo sushi  mat and place a full sheet of nori (seaweed )on the top.

3) Take 120 gms of rice and spread the rice meddle of nori sheet not all over the sheet .

4) Make nori outside. Then put the fresh salmon and cream cheese inside.

5) Roll up the bomboo mat slowly at the end of the sushi roll to start a roll and press lightly with both hands.

6) Remove the roll from the mat. Coat it with plain flour and then dip the roll in the tempura batter .

7) Deep-fry the sushi at 160 degrees Farenheit until it turn crispy.

8) Use the Japanese Sharp knife gently to cut the rolls into 8 pieces

9) Put on the sushis on a serving plate. Add Japanese mayo on the sides and garnish it with sesame seeds.

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