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Activities to help home businesses in developing their projects

Tamkeen Launches Second Edition of "Be Productive" Initiative for Home Businesses

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As part of its efforts to support enterprises and provide them with continued growth and development opportunities, Tamkeen held the second edition of its successful “Kun Muntijan” (Be Productive) initiative on March 19, 2016. The initiative comes as part of a series of interactive events which aim to help micro-enterprises become more aware of the support and solutions available to them and this was held in partnership with various governmental institutions, banks and organisations in the kingdom.

Tamkeen‘s partners in the initiative include the Ministry of Labour & Social Development, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the Social Media Club (SMC), Family Bank, Ebdaa Bank, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Al Eslah Society, Batelco, Zain, VIVA, Tam Express and PayTabs.

Through its broad range of activities, “Kun Muntijan” will provide participants with a supportive environment while supplying them with the tools to develop their businesses further. The activities included lectures highlighting the importance of micro-enterprises and the key challenges they are facing in areas such as licensing, finance, marketing, management and other critical functions as well as providing them with solutions given from the partners. In addition, the panel discussion emphasized at inspiring home businesses who presented their experience along with exhibiting their products to the audience. Moreover,Tamkeen partners showcased their products and services targeted to the home businesses activities.

Yousif Ali,Tamkeen’s Executive Director of Customer Engagement and Support, lauded the initiative, he said: “Tamkeen is working continuously to provide support for individuals and enterprises during all stages of their professional devlopment. Home businesses in the establishment phase, seeking to build their brand and market their businesses and products are one of the key segments to which we focus our support. These projects display the best example of creative ideas that can hold great growth potential if nurtured within an integrated environment that offers the needed suitable tools and solutions. And here lies the importance of this new initiative led by Tamkeen with the participation of a number of stakeholders in the public and private sectors. More details about the initiative will be announced in the near future”.

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For more information about the “Kun Muntijan” initiative and for registration, please call 17383333   or send an email to support@tamkeen.bh.

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