Saturday, November 27, 2021

    AGU Academic receives the Best Lecture Award at International Conference

    Associate Professor Khaled Greish, in the Department of Molecular Medicine at the Al Jawhara Center for Molecular Medicine & Inherited Disorders at AGU, received the best lecture award at the International Conference on Molecular Medicine, which was recently held at the University of Catania, Italy.

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    Associate Professor Greish discussed an overview of the current status regarding drugs developed using nanotechnology and the future vision of expanding the use of these drugs. He reviewed the uses of nanotechnology in the development of new drugs to treat cancer in the context of cooperation and integration between AGU and the prestigious European universities such as the University of Catania.

    He explained the nature of biological changes that distinguish the blood vessels that provide the cancerous tissue needs to grow, as these blood vessels have a unique structure that allows only the concentration of drugs manufactured using nanotechnology, which results in the possibility of eliminating the cancerous tissue without damaging the healthy body tissues.

    Dr. Greish is working with his research team from researchers from AGU in the Kingdom of Bahrain and researchers from the United States and New Zealand to develop a new cancer treatment using nanotechnology technique, a drug that works to solve two major problems in traditional tumour treatment.

    The first is the serious side effects of drugs currently used in the treatment of tumours. So that the developed drug works on the treatment of cancerous tissue infected only, which improves the effectiveness of treatment, while at the same time prevents the large extent of side effects such as hair loss, anaemia and debility. The other solution is the possibility of taking the new drug by mouth, which helps to facilitate the patient to receive the new treatment without the need to enter the hospitals.

    Dr. Gerish works with his research team at the University and in cooperation with universities and other research centres to produce and develop more effective and safer drugs than the drugs currently used in the treatment of many diseases. In line with the strategy of AGU to search for solutions and treatments for the diseases prevailing in the GCC countries, stimulate intellectual creativity and scientific discoveries, invest the Arab scientific competencies, and enhance their role in the process of development and construction, to activate and develop scientific research in various horizons and fields.

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