AGU Wins Best Digital Transformation Project Award


The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) won an award for the best project in digital transformation in education at the Smart SMB Summit and Awards 2019. The summit, which AGU took part in, was recently held in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the participation of 300 pioneers from leading establishments in the field of digital transformation in the region.

The award came as an appreciation to AGU’s innovative efforts in digital transformation of education, following the latest educational technologies the university introduced and adopted. The award adds to a long a list of local, regional and international awards that the university won recently for its exceptional endeavorus in this field.

During the summit, which is themed “Redefining Digital and Business Transformation”, AGU E-Learning Expert Mr. Arban Stephen delivered a presentation on the impact of digital transformation on education and the adoption of new technologies in processing large data.

Mr. Stephen also highlighted the experiment of the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences of AGU in the processes of smart transformation of curricula and methods of education.

The Smart SMB Summit and Awards 2019 casted light on the importance of digital transformation in establishments, in addition to discussing other topics related to smart businesses, the latest technologies and updates of electronic transformation, added value programming, digital security, cloud computing and other relevant matters.