Tuesday, April 20, 2021

    AGU’s College of Graduate Studies Launches Termly Journal

    The College of Graduate Studies at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) launched the first edition of its termly journal under the management and supervision of the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, Dr. Soud Al Mahamid, with the Principal Editor is Ms. Lama Al Salah, an English language teacher.

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    The unveiling of the journal comes as part of an initiative to enhance the College’s successes in light of the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing. The new edition will be published under the title “Communication and Exploration Towards Empowerment.”

    To be released at the end of the of each academic semester, the magazine will cover the news and activities of the College of Graduate Studies to exchange and share experiences between members of the academic staff and graduate students.

    Moreover, one of its aims is to strengthen channels of connectivity and communication inside and outside the College, as well as working to encourage taking initiatives despite the social-distancing circumstances on the basis of “Together We Make a Difference”.

    In its first issue, the magazine included an introductory overview and contained all the College’s activities and training workshops that were recently organised, in addition to a photo album for students’ participation and efforts in facing the pandemic. Additionally, the magazine presented students’ ideas about the pandemic and their discussions about it.

    The Principal Editor of the magazine, Lama Al Salah, indicated that this magazine plays a major role for AGU in collecting and monitoring the news of the College in one publication that is written in the English language. Furthermore, the magazine will document the chronological stages of the College of Graduate Studies and serve as a guide for future graduate students.

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