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Al Bindaira Café Cuisine Choices

Al Bindaira Café introduces new cuisine choices and enhances dining experience

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Al Bindaira Café, the destination for authentic flavors from regions bordering the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf, has a fresh and revamped experience for its customers this year. Al Bindaira Café has introduced new choices of seafood grills and slow-cooked main courses on its menu and enhanced the restaurant’s ambience to offer one of the finest dining experiences on the island.

Roast chicken and quinoa salad with rocca and green beans
Veal tajin

The menu of the café’ combines hot and cold classic Middle Eastern mezze, soups, charcoal grills, as well as international and regional dishes with an extensive variety of hot drinks and juices. Already packed with everything expected of an authentic Middle Eastern café, customers can now indulge in flavorful seafood dishes such as king prawns, sea bream fillets, salmon fillet and mixed seafood grills.  Moreover, the new slow-cooked menu section includes Arabic veal tajine paired with coucous and roasted vegetables, spinach and chicken casserole, beef lasagna and lamb and potato pie.

The suave Arabian setting of Al Bindaira Café makes it one of the best spots to meet friends and family over a table of authentic dishes. All branches of the café are designed with particular attention to offering comfort to its customers. A mixture of sofa sets, wooden benches and dining tables create an organic layout interspersed with baroque stone arches, split levels and private rooms. With both indoor and outdoor tables, the café’ manages to create both a family-friendly ambience and a youthful vibe at the same time.

Al Bindaira Café branches are in Adliya (17-744066), Riffa (17-622355), City Center (17-178090) and Al A’ali Complex (17-587587).

Slush drinks
Slush drinks
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