With a clear vision of spreading awareness on the importance of health and physical fitness, Al Hilal Manama took the initiative of celebrating this year’s world health by educating over 250 children about hand hygiene and physical activities.

As part of world health day celebrations, Al Hilal Manama in association with UAE Exchange, UFC gym and MJD sports club, conducted various activities at their premises to engage the youngsters of Bahrain. Over 250 students from more than 8 schools, including The British School of Bahrain,The International School of Choeufeit, Al Noor International School, Pakistan school, New Generation Private School etc participated in the fun filled activities.

The success of the event was quite evident from the type of activities that were selected and the way they were executed . The event started with a drawing competition followed by a unique hand hygiene session where the kids conducted a training for other children present on the importance of hand washing. Finally, trainers from UFC gym shared the significance of physical fitness by conducting a special functional fitness and mixed martial arts session to end the program

” As an organization into healthcare delivery, we wanted to take some initiatives which would connect well with public and go a long way in being beneficial to our society. We found it best to connect with children and educate them about hand hygiene and physical fitness as they are the prime targets who get exposed to germs and illness” said Dr.Sharath Chandran Cheif executive officer of Al Hilal Healthcare group.

” As an initiative, we felt this was the right move to connect children with the concept of hygiene and  health at a level where they would understand and it is in fact just the beginning. Children from more than eight schools were present and and our aim is to target all children in those schools to generate awareness on this issue but conducting similar activities. These children will act as strong pillars in a bigger and better role that we are trying to play as a healthcare group.” He added.