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Al Hilal Healthcare Group Inaugurates its 6th Branch in Hamad Town

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Al Hilal Healthcare – one of the largest and fastest-growing private healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, proudly opens its 6th Branch in Hamad Town -Souq Waqif on 6th February 2023.

Al Hilal Multi Speciality Medical Center Hamad Town opens doors to the public for the first time on 6th February 2023. The Managing Directors of Al Hilal Healthcare Group along with the Management did the soft launch.

The new facility was opened for public in the presence of  Group Managing Directors Dr. Mr. P.A Mohammed, Mr. Abdul Latheef,  CEO Dr. Sharath Chandran, Business Development Head Mr. Asif Mohd, Finance Manager Mr. CA Sahal Jamaludheen . Speaking to The Press & Media, The directors elaborated on the facilities and services of this new branch. They said this new branch would have the same quality of services and affordable rates in the Kingdom. The motto of Al Hilal Healthcare group is to be Available, accessible and affordable to the public of The Kingdom.

Al Hilal Multi Speciality Medical Center, Hamad Town

Mr. Abdul Latheef Upala  Managing Director, said: “Its indeed a proud moment for all of us to be here at the launchof our new branch. Our mission is to make a mark in providing sustainable and quality focused healthcare support to every individual in the Kingdom. We are also happy to play our role in the  contribution towards the economy of the Kingdom and we are planning to open more branches in the future. Hidd and Sitra are the upcoming locations of this year. We look forward to 2023 as a robust year of growth by adding 3 Multi Speciality Medical Centers which are already in the Project completion phase.”

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Dr. Mr. P.A Mohammed, Managing Director said: “With the Launch of Hamad Town Branch, We are bringing in advanced technologies and software along with mobile application. This will help our customers to have better and best experience. Our priority is always to provide best quality of healthcare. Today we are extrmeley proud to announce that at Hamad Town we have specialists in 10 Medical Departments and 5 Dental Sub Specialities.”

The Chief Executive Officer of AL Hilal Healthcare Group – Dr. Sharath Chandran also mentioned: “The branch is multi speciality medical center which have Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Emergency, Dental, Dermatology, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics ­,Obstetrics and Gynecology, ENT, Radiology and 5 Sub Specialists in Dentistry too. The new branch at Hamad Town  is a new step in embracing latest technology to provide an integrated healthcare delivery model that is equally accessible by The treating Doctor, The Patient and the supporting Healthcare workers. We are using Amazon Web Services(AWS) to partner in this initiative of Cloud Computing to provide a seamless eco-system.”

The Directors of AL Hilal Healthcare group informed that there would be a grand Launch of the center by the end of Feburary 2023. This is the 6th Branch of Al Hilla with existing branches in Muharraq, Manama, Salmabad, Riffa and Askar. The Press Meet was concluded with the Cake Cutting Ceremony. Media, Bloggers, famous influencers, Business partners, and the team of Al Hilal were present throughout the event.

Al Hilal Healthcare is proud to be the fastest-growing private healthcare network in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has plans to launch three more branches this year with the vision of being Available, Affordable, and Accessible.

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