Al Mabarrah Al Khalifia Foundation held an induction day for students enrolled in the ‘Rayaat Scholarship Program’.

The induction, held for the sixth consecutive year since the launch of the program, aimed to introduce the program to the 40 successful candidates who were shortlisted from a total of 467 students. The candidates were selected based on their overall academic achievement, one-on-one interview along with volunteer work.

The “Rayaat Scholarship” program was launched in 2011 as a comprehensive approach to promote educational achievement and personal development through providing students with scholarship opportunities at accredited universities in the Kingdom.

During the Induction

This year, the program will offer two Master’s Degree scholarships for students chosen out of 79 applicants. In total, 144 students are enrolled in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs.

In her introductory speech to the students, AlMabarrah Alkhalifia Foundation Executive Director, Saba Seyadi said: “On behalf of the foundation, we would like to welcome and congratulate the new students enrolled in the Rayaat Scholarship Program. We encourage the new students to make the best of this experience, learn from challenges faced and develop capabilities and skills.”

“It is important that students actively take part in the regular workshops and meetings held by the foundation. The activities aim to develop their skills and create a pool of graduates who are groomed to be ‘work-ready’ employees while raising the quality of education in Bahrain,” she added.

The Induction Day program also included a speech by Mr. Sami Al Buekri, Leadership and Self-development coach and the General Manager of Istithmar Consultancy. His speech focused on the main challenges and obstacles facing students seeking employment in Bahrain whilst lauding the role of Al Mabarrah Al Khalifia Foundation in supporting students and empowering them with the right tools to succeed in the future.

The “Rayaat Scholarship” program aims to cover the tuition fees of students in addition to monthly financial incentives for outstanding students. Other benefits include the Rayaat Student Card which offers exclusive discounts at a number of retail outlets. Moreover, enrichment workshops, internships, and community service opportunities are offered within a supportive environment that encourages students to take an active role in the community.