Al Rashid Group opened their showroom in the prestigious Juffair Mall today on the occasion of Bahrain’s National Day. VKL Group had developed and managing the mall along with the hotel and leased to various major brands.

Al Rashid Group has leased third floor measuring around 10,000 sq.mts and Lulu Group has leased second floor measuring around 10,000 sq.mts.  Lulu Group will be opening their hypermarket shortly.

There are around 65 retail outlets inclusive of cinemas, food court, fine dining, amusement centre in the mall. The grand opening of the mall along with the hotel is expected to be in the month of March or Apr 2016 said Mr. Varghese Kurian.

The mall is a major boon to the residents of Juffair  and also a boost to the development of tourism as major brands are opening their showrooms in the mall.