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Al Salam Bank Announces its Shari’a Audit Department’s Achievement

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Al Salam Bank announces that its Internal Shari’a Audit Department has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification on Quality Management Systems from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd, accredited by the United Kingdom’s accreditation system (UKAS). Al Salam Bank is the first in the Kingdom to receive the esteemed international accreditation.

Commenting on the occasion, Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rafik Nayed, said, “We are extremely proud of this achievement which aligns with Bank’s vision for excellence across the board and especially in Shari’a governance systems, which we consider a protective shield for Al Salam, ensuring unwavering commitment to Islamic Shari’a laws. With this accomplishment, the Shari’a Auditing Department will be the first in the Kingdom’s Islamic banking sector to receive the coveted certification. We are confident that our investment in our people is the key to success as a financial institution dedicated to leading on both a local and regional level.”

Rafik Nayed added, “Al Salam Bank’s Internal Shari’a Auditing department’s accreditation stands testament to its adherence to professional quality standards while also highlighting the diligence and dedication with which the team has worked over the last year. We recently revealed our new corporate identity, which is guided by principles ensuring our delivery of excellence as we move forward. The principles are notably, We Enchant our Clients, We Inspire Our People, We are Digitally Native, We Do the Right Thing, and finally, We Act with Empathy.”

Also commenting on the occasion, Ahmed Al Mahmood, Head of Shari’a Audit at Al Salam Bank said, “I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to senior management of Al Salam Bank for their continued support. Receiving the ISO 9000:2015 certification highlights the already established Quality Management System at the Bank, two years ago we start the journey with the mission to elevate the Internal Shari’a Audit department to new heights. Obtaining this international accreditation from a respected institution is a testament to this accomplishment. I would also like to thank my team represented by Mr. Ahmed Rashdan and Ms. Dalal Ameen, that have both played a pivotal role in this success.”

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ISO 9000:2015 is a global accreditation following the International Organization for Standardization and is the most prominent global approach that defines the requirements for the principles of enterprise Quality Management Systems. ISO certification is the benchmark for institutional performance worldwide and specializes in continuously improving the performance of the organisations that apply to all legal and regulatory requirements. This standard also helps organizations maintain quality control and track performance measurement in all processes presented in a rigorous organizational manner.

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