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Al Salam Bank Launches new Samsung Wallet

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· Clients are able to add their cards to the Samsung Wallet

· Supports the Bank’s digital transformation strategy

· The complete safety and privacy of personal data with the use of facial or fingerprint recognition, as well as a PIN code or OTP

Al Salam Bank has introduced Samsung Wallet to its clients, a new and secure payment method enabling users to engage in contactless payments using their Samsung devices on any POS or payment system. Clients will be able to authenticate each transaction using facial or fingerprint recognition, a PIN code, or One-Time Password.

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This service is approved at various supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, cafés, retail shops, and more, both inside and outside of the Kingdom. Customers can also avail several services including: food delivery, online shopping, and car parking.

Al Salam’s latest addition to their lineup of digital services, Samsung Wallet, will enable clients to conduct safe and secure contactless payment transactions both locally and internationally. The launch is featured in line with the digital transformation strategy for the Bank to keep up with the ongoing developments in the banking and finance sector.

Samsung Wallet is Al Salam Bank’s latest addition to their digital services portfolio. Launched to provide clients with a unique banking experience by empowering them with various contactless payment methods while guaranteeing the highest level of privacy and security both locally and internationally. The launch aligns with the Bank’s digital transformation strategy, complementing its efforts in keeping up with the ongoing developments in the banking and finance sector and minimizing its carbon footprint.

Starting from the 16th of April 2023, clients will be able to instantly add their debit, credit, and prepaid cards from Al Salam Bank to the Samsung Wallet application by following the necessary steps and completing their payments from anywhere around the world with just one click.

When making use of this service, each user will receive a unique PIN that is then encrypted and stored in an industry-compliant certified chip designed to safely store payment information on the device. This method is a safe and reliable option to store card numbers on the payment device.

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