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Al Shindagha Museum celebrates Eid Al Fitr with heritage-rooted activities

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Abdalla Al Obaidli: We aim to highlight the status of the feast, its importance and its role in strengthening social bonds

In celebration of Eid Al Fitr, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is presenting a series of heritage-rooted workshops and family activities in Al Shindagha Historic Neighbourhood on 22 – 23 April the series of activities embodies the authentic values of local culture and comes as part of Dubai Culture’s responsibility to strengthen national identity in the hearts of the local community.

Through the series of ‘Family Eid’ activities, the Authority sheds light on traditional Emirati lifestyles, heritage and culture, presenting an image of the local community, its customs and traditions to fulfil its commitments aimed at cementing Dubai’s position as a global family destination.

Dubai Culture opens the doors of Al Shindagha Museum to families, offering them the opportunity to reimagine the past by exploring Al Shindagha Historic Neighbourhood through the ‘Eid Adventurer Trails’ experience. Participants will have the chance to wander through the alleyways, stopping at various stations to learn about the importance of Eid in Emirati culture, including the customs and traditions associated with preparing for and celebrating this special occasion with family.

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Visitors to Al Shindagha Museum can participate in a range of workshops and cultural experiences. The Visitor Centre will host the ‘Paper Lantern Making’ workshop, while the Jewellery House will offer a jewellery-making workshop where participants can learn about traditional methods of designing and drawing inspiration from traditional jewellery pieces. The house will also host a traditional Henna workshop where visitors can create their own designs using henna. Meanwhile, the Traditional Crafts House will feature the madkhan-making workshop, teaching traditional methods of making clay incense burners. The Perfume House will host the dukhoon-making workshop, offering a chance to discover the uniqueness and aesthetic of Emirati perfumes.

Visitors to the museum can also enjoy traditional Emirati food experiences and taste the range of flavours the cuisine offers. They can also participate in making traditional Emirati sweets such as ‘Batheeta.’ Additionally, visitors can enjoy traditional ‘Al Harbiya’ performances.

Abdalla Al Obeidli, Acting Manager of Al Shindagha Museum affirmed the importance of raising awareness about the Emirati customs and traditions associated with Eid Al Fitr, saying: “Eid is one of the most important occasions that bring joy and happiness to everyone’s hearts, with its rituals and traditions that all Emirati families are eager to follow, highlighting its significance in the local community for its role in strengthening social bonds and connections. Our celebration of this occasion reflects our commitment to introducing visitors to Al Shindagha Museum and highlighting the holiday’s importance, the accompanying preparations, and the various heritage celebrations.”

Obidli added: “The family activities at the museum offer an opportunity for community members to learn about past lifestyles in the neighbourhood. All activities were designed to provide visitors with an inspiring cultural experience that introduces them to the social cohesion this occasion represents, allowing them to create beautiful nostalgia-driven memories.”

Notably, all events and workshops will occur free of charge with the purchase of a museum ticket from 4 – 8 p.m. To view the full programme, visit the website

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