Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), the Bahrain-based international aluminium smelter, held its inaugural session of ‘2018 Town Hall Meetings’ today, Tuesday, 16 January 2018 at its Oasis Hall.

Well-attended by Alba employees and contractors, the ‘2018 Town Hall Meetings’ was opened by Alba’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Murray with a motivational speech followed by his reflections on the Company’s performance for the full-year of 2017 as well as Alba’s goals for 2018.

In his opening remarks at the ‘2018 Town Hall Meetings’ inaugural session, Alba’s CEO Tim Murray said: “I would like to begin by thanking Alba’s Management, employees and contractors for the remarkable 981,016 metric tonnes production milestone in 2017 – an achievement to be proud of despite the setbacks in the last year.

Alba’s Town Hall Meetings have become a much-awaited event on our annual calendar as we look forward to reach-out and directly communicate to all levels of employees and contractors on the milestones accomplished and the year ahead for Alba.

2018 will be transformational as Line 6 Expansion Project will be in full swing with large number of workforce on-site. However, our resilience in the past year has demonstrated that the impossible turned possible when we trust ourselves to do more.”

Alba’s 2018 Expectations lays emphasis on four key topics: Safety Selfie; Rise of Line 6; Return of Titan; and Road to Resilience.

The ‘2018 Town Hall Meetings’ will take place until 23 January for all departments, employees as well as contractors of Alba.