Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) underlined its position as a leader in developing its employees, human assets, with the workshop titled “Corporate Championship Principles” being organised for Alba’s Executives, Directors and Managers on 26 – 27 February 2018 at Alba Club.

Led by Alba’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Murray, the 2-day workshop will be presented by Coach Sam Vincent – a former NBA player and Coach. The workshop is designed to introduce basketball leadership principles and apply them within Alba’s operations.

On organising this workshop, Alba’s CEO, Tim Murray, said:

“Alba continues its efforts to bring in high calibre speakers to develop our Management team. Coach Sam is a great example of how hard work and preparation lead to success. His leadership principles are a perfect complement to Alba’s management philosophy.”

Sam Vincent is a renowned NBA player, who played alongside star players including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. He has also coached professionally for more than 15 years.