ALbait Aloud


‘’Al Bait ElOud’’ Program is ending under the Umbrella of a family based on love.

Saturday in Saar Mall Which hosted the last week of the program the training expert and personality patterns along with, Dr. Ayoub & Members of Al Bait ElOud have ended their program which had the Constellation of leading coaches & trainers.

The workshop Entitled under “Family Based on Love” was presented by Dr. Al Ayoub along with the interaction of the public audience. The workshop content has urged about establishing stable foundations of understanding & dialogue among family members, the event as well contained several methods of spiritual & intellectuality between the two generations of the family members.

On the other hand, the lecturer & professional trainer Mrs. Ashwaq Bu Ali presented another workshop on the methods of leadership & motivation of launching the capabilities, skills of an individual.

The event has focused on the mentality of developing children’s confidence in their parents in several ways. The content of the last week session in the event, the attendees of family & children were affected by the session as they were filled up with mixture of emotions of joy and tears due to their memories of the past & present.

The team members of ‘’Al Bait ElOud’’ have honored the program participants from lecturers, coaches & the sponsors of the event – Saar Mall Shopping Center S.P.C. & supporter – AlQathi Bakery.

Adding to that, Mrs. Esmahan Bokhowa – General Manager of Saar Mall Shopping Center S.P.C. has stated ‘’We are very keen to support these programs and youth events which are based on important aspects in the life of the Bahraini individual and we are confident that the youth of Bahrain are the backbone of the future and are the way to progress and develop our beloved Kingdom of Bahrain’’.

To Sum up, Coach Yaqoob AlNajeem has recommended the public to pay attention to their family & support the development their trust bonds, dialogue skills & love between the parents & their children. He has also persisted on the value of parents in religion & society.