AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation concluded its second edition of the Ithraa Program in the eighth and ninth weeks under the titles “Exchange of cultures” and “review of program values” respectively.

These weeks of the program, which were organized by AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation in cooperation with Al Basta market (Gravity), and the Bahrain National Charter Monument, included a range of activities and programs that contribute to the development of participants’ skills and personalities, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility towards society.

The participants of the Ithraa program, in its eighth week, participated in the Basta market, organized and hosted by the ‘Graffiti’ village under the theme of “Exchange of cultures”, where they represented a few countries from across the world such as Japan, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, India, Oman, Malaysia, France, Spain and Turkey.

During the ninth and final week, a visit was organized to the Bahrain National Charter Monument, during which participants conducted several activities reviewing the values they have learned in the final weeks of the program. At the end of the program, the two winning teams of the “Exchange of cultures” week, as well as the mentors, were honored by the Head of Youth Program, Fatima Abdulrahman Al Jar. At the end of the visit, a final video was presented covering all the program values and activities learned by the participants of the Ithraa program.

The launch of this program comes in line with AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation’s commitment to support the youth by embracing them in a supportive, safe and stimulating environment that will enable them to overcome challenges and obstacles which they may face in a challenging and fun manner. It also aims to give all young people an educational and practical experience to acquire the skills needed for a better future.