Almoayyed Motors, the leading Ford Distributors, has recently opened a newly constructed Almoayyyed Motors Ford Trucks showroom in Manama. A renowned distributor of Ford, Almoayed now presents the “Hot Climate Package” range of Ford Trucks, developed for Bahrain and GCC Countries. This is aligned to Almoayyed Motors’ principle to offer world class vehicle ownership experience to its clients. A new chapter will be scripted with the launch of the Ford Trucks range including 1843T tractor, 3535M construction truck and 1832 road truck model.

Ford Trucks Showroom in Manama staffed by a team of trained personnel will provide high quality service to the Ford Trucks customers. The facility is formed of 300 m2 internal showroom, 80 m2 External Showroom, 22000 mcommonly used Workshop area and 2000 m2 commonly used spare parts warehouse area. The showroom can accommodate up to 3 trucks and the service area can receive up to 250 trucks per day.

Ford Trucks Expands Its Network in GCC and Middle East 

Ford Trucks General Manager Haydar Yenigün emphasized that Ford Trucks continue to establish global network and stated; “We have strong business relations with our distributors. And as a result of this settlement in Manama, we are truly hoping our long lasting relationship will continue with Almoayyed Motors. The Middle East is very important for Ford Trucks and Bahrain is among the most important markets within the region. We will continue to expand our operations in GCC Countries and in the Middle East region in order to get closer to our customers. In the mid term, we expect Middle East market will constitute 25% of our international sales and we aim to reach 10% market share in Bahrain’s heavy commercial market in 3 years.”

Ford Trucks Vehicles—Quality, Durability and Low-cost of Ownership

Preferred by concrete plants and long haulage transportation all around the region, Ford Trucks offer high quality and durability with low initial investment and low operating costs. Popular Ford Trucks models, 1843T tractor and 3535M (6×4) can be customized with transmission and cabin modules for on road and off road conditions.

Tractors and construction vehicles are offered with 10 mm 500 Mpa chassis frame. The mixer series for construction applications are offered in 6×4 and 8×4 versions with 350 PS power engine. The mixer capacity ranges between 7.7 and 12.7 m3. 1843T tractor model is presented with a 10.3 liter 430 PS powerful engine with Euro 3 emission norms with standard ESP.

Public & Special Trucks are mainly used for municipality, army and various applications which are offered with many superstructure alternatives and capable of fulfilling the market needs. 4×2 and 6×2 models offered with 9.0 liter Ford Ecotorq powerful engine with Euro 3 emission norms with standard ABS.

2 Years/Unlimited km Warranty for Bahrain

Ford Trucks offer standard 2 year/unlimited km warranty in Bahrain. Warranty terms substantially contribute to the readily competitive total cost of ownership of Ford Trucks models.

Hot Climate Package for the Region

Hot Climate Package provides comfort in hot and dusty environments with increased air conditioner performance, improved radiator and filtration. During the two-year development period for the Hot Climate Package, vehicle durability tests including laboratory tests that simulate the region’s high temperatures, humidity and dusty conditions and also the specific customer expectations were studied and considered with 300.000 km road tests in the region. Hot Climate Package is offered in the whole lineup sold in GCC countries.