Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive Mr. Mohamed Ali AlQaed stated that the authority was able, during two years of merge by the Royal Decree, to reduce the operational cost and successfully eliminate budget deficit estimated at BD2.1 Million. This milestone comes in line with the government directions in cost cutting without affecting the established achievements and main operations.

AlQaed highlighted that such success is a result of efforts exerted by Authority’s general directors and officials in reducing the operational cost through a series of decisions taken based on strategic directions to reduce duplication and expenditures. Some of key resolutions included reducing the number of general directorates from 6 to 4, departments from 21 to 16, number of offices and service center branches from 8 to 5 main locations, together with merging a set of contracts of major projects estimated at millions of Dinars.

In regards to human resources, AlQaed said that iGA has completed – in collaboration with the Civil Service Bureau – the authority’s general organizational structure and in its final stages of preparing the detailed structures for a number of Directorates. In addition, the preparation of detailed structures of numerous departments has completed and work is in progress to finalize the procedures of allocating the employees, taking into account employees’ specializations and career path. He also highlighted that such step aims at merging jobs of common duties, while thoroughly selecting competencies to lead directorates and departments.

The Chief Executive also addressed the re-distribution of directorates’ offices on iGA buildings and gather department members under one roof in order to enhance the internal communication and facilitate their daily assignments. Sitra and Sihla ID branches were closed by transferring their services to Isa Town headquarters. Moreover, the Authority is in its final stages of transferring Wireless Licensing, Frequencies and Monitoring Directorate in Adliya to Juffair’s branch.

AlQaed thanked the Human & Financial Resources Directorate along with internal committees – formed for the merge– for all their exerted efforts that contributed in flexibly accomplishing several aspects without impeding the work progress or services for its various customers and stakeholders.