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AN ARTFUL BUSINESS – Entilaq to showcase the artistic talents of leading businesswomen in Bahrain. 

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Art is an incredible form of expression that has the power to transcend language, culture, and boundaries. It provides a platform for individuals to showcase their unique perspectives, passions, and ideas through various mediums.

In Bahrain, a group of talented businesswomen is showcasing their artistic prowess in an exhibition entitled Entilaq. It features a diverse range of artworks, each one a testament to the artists’ creativity and intellectual innovations. From abstract pieces to realistic depictions, the artwork on display is a visual feast that promises to captivate and inspire its viewers. 

Organized by the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society (BBS), the week-long exhibition at the Safeya Ali Kanoo Hub for Arts and Handicrafts is held under the patronage of Bahrain’s National Council for Arts chairman Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa Chairman. 

Entilaq features artworks by 13 women – Amina Hasan, Aisha Akbari, Badriya Abdulrahman, Fatema Abdulkhaliq Al Dilawer, Khulood Al Qattan, Latifa Khalid Al Shaikh, Maryam Abdulla Nass, Nadia Abdulla Al Moosa, Nawal Yusuf Al Sabbagh, Noor Al Sairafi,  Rand Alkishtaini, Safeya Kanoo and Salwa Al Moayyed – who are members of the BBS. 

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BBS board member and the head of its cultural and economic committee Manar Sirriyeh who spoke to Bahrain This Week was excited about the first edition of Entilaq. 

“The name “Entilaq” was chosen to describe the take-off of the first art exhibition by the BBS, which features 13 artists showcasing artwork across varied themes and in different styles that are all products of artistic and intellectual innovations,” said Ms Sirriyeh, who is the founder and managing partner of Design Studio – Architects.

One of the artists, Aisha Akbari who is the marketing director of Mohamed Akbari and Sons company lauded the efforts of BBS to showcase the artistic abilities of its members. 

“It’s an opportunity for me to present my work and be able to interact with professional artists and get a footstep in the art industry,” said Ms Akbari, who has exhibited two of her paintings titled ‘Blossoms’ and ‘Thob Al Nashal’  (Traditional Bahraini women’s dress). 

Nadia Al Moosa, who owns two businesses – Kumas Fabric and Search web design  IT and Consultancy – is an ardent lover of plants and flowers. She has also showcased her nature-inspired paintings at the exhibition. 

Two oil paintings on canvas by Bahraini artist Maryam Nass is yet another attraction at the exhibition. 

“I am honored to be part of Entilaq,” said Ms. Nass. 

“Words are not always understood correctly and sometimes may even be misinterpreted, but through paintings one does not need to explain anything,” said the passionate artist who considers her art works as pages of her diary. 

For Amina Hasan, the platform is a place that would help her excel in her talents as a beginner. 

“I’m so excited about it – I will be presenting three paintings and handmade wall arts with touches of gold color as I felt that it could represent the Bahraini gold.” 

Entrepreneur Noor AlSairafi is displaying three of her abstract artworks. 

“My technique is derived from contrasts in nature’s palettes where I aim to use transparencies of color combined with solid and opaque forms to produce abstract art. Most of my paintings are inspired by images that I have personally taken or by places I have visited that have left a strong and lasting effect in me.” 

Salwa Almoayyed, who is one of the owners of the Y K Almoayyed and Sons group is participating with her four acrylic abstract paintings. Ms. Almoayyed, who is also a journalist, has participated in many artistic expeditions including two in the US, one in Egypt and yet another in Kuwait. 

“As Pablo Picasso says art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life and this exhibition helps us businesswomen, who are otherwise leading a busy lifestyle, an opportunity to practice our hobby and showcase our talents to the world,” said Badriya Abdulrahman, who has put up five art pieces of hers, created with three different art materials. 

Latifa Al Shaikh who owns an art gallery is showcasing four modern contemporary art pieces done using a 3D method and Rand Alkishtani an Iraqi-born interior decorator and furniture-product designer is featuring two artistic pieces of furniture (Quory Seat and Rakwa Table ) as well as two acrylic paintings. Ms. Alkishtani is the founder of “Vintage House Décor” in Bahrain. 

The exhibition is a reminder that creativity and innovation are not limited to any one field or industry. It is a celebration of the human spirit that seeks to express itself in different ways. Entilaq is a testament to the fact that Bahraini women are not just making their mark in the business world but also in the world of art.

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