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An Extraordinary Entrepreneur

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Talal Al Ansari is a young, talented and dynamic entrepreneur who owns the Shabaka TV Productions and creates fabulous YouTube shows to help other entreprenuers.

Tell us briefly about yourself: where you were born and raised.

My name is Talal Al Ansari, I am 25 years old, was born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

What is your educational and professional background?

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I graduated from Hamad Town secondary school in 2008 and finished my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bahrain Polytechnic in 2013. Throughout my years in college, I participated in an enormous amount of voluntary activities related to youth and had the honorable opportunity to represent Bahrain in USA, Jordan, Japan, Sri Lanka, KSA and Kuwait.

My first professional experience was interning in a number of companies until I decided to be part of a national campaign called Wi7da Wa7da which focused on achieving national cohesion between sects in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Tell us about your involvement with various entrepreneurial ventures and organizations.

Then, I joined Ministry of Youth & Sports of Bahrain as a youth program specialist and headed the Science & Technology department of the Youth Innovation Center, and that was mid-2015. During that time, I participated in a number of programs related to entrepreneurship as I have found an interest in becoming the boss of myself and lead myself to become successful and achieve my high ambitions. I was part of the Mashroo3i contest season2 and the Mission Entrepreneurs Reality TV Show. I did not win the Mashroo3i contest but I have had a lot of learning done and that was one of the reasons that had me become the winner of The Mission Entrepreneurs Reality TV Show, were I received a humble grant to start my business.   

Did you dream to be an entrepreneur right from the beginning?

No, I always dreamt of becoming something important. When I was young, I wanted to become a CEO of a bank. I had my uncle as an example back then. I wanted to become like him, a workaholic achiever who brings in a lot of cash home, travels from time to time and has a nice house.

Then, as I was in college I became friendship pool expanded and I met many people from across the world with a lot of different mindsets and I was introduced to the entrepreneur’s mindset which I instantly fell in love with and felt like it was made for me! Books had a lot of impact as well, I started reading more and more about business, biographies, watching videos of the successful ones, watching motivational videos on YouTube, following them on social media and so on! This is when I realized that I am obsessed about entrepreneurship and its addiction is the water I need to live. This is what I am going to do for the rest of my short life, Enshallah.

Tell us about any special reward or recognition that you have achieved so far.

I have received over a 60 recognition certifications related to volunteering and won 1st place in the Mission Entrepreneurs Reality TV show. I was a national leader, heading a Bahraini delegation of inventors in Kuwait and we won prizes. I represented the Kingdom of Bahrain in a United Nations conference in Sri Lanka too.

Briefly describe how and when you started up Shabaka TV.

I started Shabaka TV Productions after I won the Mission Entrepreneurs Reality TV Show on the 1st of January 2015. I submitted my resignation from Ministry of Youth & Sports on December 2014.

Tell us about Shabaka TV and its features.

Shabaka TV Productions is a Productions Company and a Multi-Channel Network that focuses on producing show on YouTube, supporting YouTube content creators and providing services related to video production for YouTube.

YouTube content creators are individuals, who produce videos for YouTube and these individuals struggle in the beginning to produce content but as their fan base grows larger they start making money out of YouTube, and many of them around the world are self-employed full-time YouTubers.

As a multi-channel network, Shabaka TV Productions supports YouTube content creators in many areas like funding, manpower, content optimization, project management, audience development strategies, promotion, and production equipment, opportunity to participate in events and exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities.

How difficult or easy is it to start up a business where there is already an existing market?

It is quite easy at the moment to start up a business in Bahrain, the amount of 3000 BHD that you need to have in your bank account to get a CR has been removed, soon you will no longer need to have an office to operate a business on social media and there are many banks that would give out a loan for a good rate for business startups and there are a number of entities that support entrepreneurs in Bahrain with great services to make their life easier as startups. Like Tamkeen, Bahrain Development Bank, Ministry of Industry & Commerce – SME Toolkit Bahrain website, eGovernment and others.

Where do you see Shabaka TV in the next 5 years?

Long story short, in the next 5 years I see Shabaka TV becoming the next Talabat.

What is your message to aspiring start-upers of Bahrain?

It doesn’t take a champion to become a champion, it takes will and work. Truth be said, real champions are made when no one is watching! People will see the fruits of your hard work during the late nights and they will continue to criticize you, even those closest to you! Smile and get back on your feet! Once you succeed after the many bricks of stone that made you fall along the way, you will make it! Then, you will realize that those who criticized you and were all against you from the beginning were only the reason for you to become who you are today, successful, an entrepreneur! So bravo.

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