And MakeUp done by Nadia

With renowned makeup artist and founder of NZ Salon, Ms. Nadia Zaid

The journey from being a banker to a makeup artist is not an easy one. But who would mind the challenges thrown at the chosen road when it’s the passion that is being followed. This is the story of renowned Bahraini makeup artist, Ms. Nadia Zaid. The proud owner of Nadia Zaid salon at Isa Town sat down with Bahrain This Week, sharing with us her life being a makeup expert and the tips and trends this season.

“During my early days I never knew anything about putting the right makeup. It was in 2008 that I had a very sad experience with someone doing my makeup for a wedding ceremony and I decided to learn doing it myself.” Nadia remembers her day of decision.

“Once I started learning the basics, I never could take my mind off it even when I was at my job. It was my manager’s words to follow what I truly love that made me set my mind to resign from the bank and continue studying makeup on a professional ground. I am glad that I could complete my masters from London.” She continues. “It was a totally different experience where the makeup trend was to keep it simple compared to the ones that are being followed here.”

It is this simplicity of her makeup that makes clients come back to Nadia for getting their makeup done every time. “Every individual has a different skin tone and preference in the colors that needs to be used on their face. As a makeup professional, I need to make sure that the unwanted marks, pimples, red tones etc. are well hidden and at the same time it shouldn’t go heavy on the looks.”  She explained the process involved. “The most important thing is to prepare the skin before doing the makeup and having uniform coloration.”

“Lights play a very important role in highlighting and hiding the colors of makeup. So special care is given to the makeup done depending on the occasion for which it’s being done. For instance, for the bride to look beautiful in her photo and video, the makeup needs to go a little heavy at certain spots.” The challenges for a makeup professional never end.

Nadia is very particular about the products and the brands she uses for her clients. “I have few brands I love to work with so I go to choose them myself. I also keep an eye on the limited editions and get them for clients. It’s really important for me to be updated with the products coming in and out of the market.”

Having travelled across globe including Czech Republic to get the bride look beautiful on her special day, Nadia have been working with members of the royal family and celebrities including well known actresses like Buthaina Al Risi, Shaila Sabt, Ameera Mohammed and Ebtisam Abdulla.

“The makeup trends are changing very fast these days. Gone are those days when there was a high demand for heavy makeup. Now a day’s it’s about staying as light as possible.” She says about the trends that prevail in today’s market. “For the daily usage, the drift is towards bronze and purplish colors for the fresh look. But for weddings it’s the dark colors that are still in.”

When we asked Nadia the secret to choose the right makeup product for the face, she smiled and replied “Usually when girls go out to buy makeup products, they try it on their hands. That is not the right way as your hand and face skin tones are very different and you won’t find satisfaction with the chosen product when you actually use them on your face. The best way is to test it on your face directly. I would suggest trying to use a small portion like a streak from your upper chin down to your neck. That way you will know if the product will give you the desired result or not.”

She also adds “Along with using the right product, you need to make sure that your skin gets enough space to respire. Many a time people get lazy or tired to clean the skin off makeup before sleeping. You should make sure that all your makeup including the mascara is removed properly before bed time.”

Nadia Zaid Beauty Kit that consists of 15 professional make up brushes, is the first in line of the range of beauty products that Nadia dreams to launch. “The 6 L1 brushes in the set are double ended daily usage brushes, which makes them easy to carry while you travel. Am also planning to launch more products under the NZ brand in the coming days”, she shared. Along with her research on products for her brand, Nadia also takes classes for wannabe makeup artists. “I give basic course for those who don’t know how to use makeup and would love to learn and practice them. I also offer the professional course for those who know the basics and would like to take it up as a profession.”

“Being a makeup artist has sure changed my life. Even though am working extra hours when compared to a regular job, it gives me the satisfaction of having done something for myself.” “Everyone in this world are beautiful on their own. Makeup is just the way to enhance it.” She ends with a smile.

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