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Android Lollipop passes 20% adoption

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One in five Android devices is now running the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. The company released its monthly update to the Platform Versions page for Android today, and once again the latest version has increased its adoption share.

Android Lollipop has not only passed the 20 percent mark it was once again the only Android version to gain adoption share. The “milestone,” if you will, comes 10 months after Google debuted the Nexus 9, the first device to sport Android 5.0.

As with any update courtesy of the Platform Versions tool, we have to point out that the data is gathered from the Google Play Store app, which requires Android 2.2 and above. This means devices running older versions are not included, nor are devices that don’t have Google Play installed.

We still have KitKat in first place, Jelly Bean in second, Lollipop in third, Gingerbread in fourth, ICS in fifth, and Froyo in sixth. It will be a long time before Lollipop takes first place, though it’s starting to close in on second place. In the meantime, Google continues to push ahead with Android Marshmallow development.

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