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APM Terminals Bahrain thrived in 2020 as a year of employee engagement

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The Khalifa Bin Salman Port (KBSP), operated by APM Terminals Bahrain, has been supporting the majority Bahraini workforce by providing talent development programs, continuing to invest in employees, and recognising their work.

Maureen Bannerman, Managing Director at APM Terminals Bahrain commented: “I’m delighted that our intense focus on fostering and developing local talent has paid off. We have really centred our efforts on investing and building local leaders, providing training opportunities, and increasing employee recognition. Ultimately, it has had a great impact on employee engagement.”

 “The world wasn’t ready for this pandemic and so, at APM Terminals Bahrain, we took the decision to prepare our leaders to help us face this pandemic. Sixty-nine leaders were prepared through intensive sessions, and it delivered a big impact in terms of employee engagement. We’re thrilled because employee engagement is a critical aspect of any workplace, helping to maintain and grow a successful business”, said Yosra Abdulla Hamad, General Manager of Human Resources at APM Terminals Bahrain. “We’re determined to build on that success and further increase engagement by continuing to invest in our workforce.”

Results from the recent employee survey show that employee engagement increased by almost 6% from March 2020 to October 2020.

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Recognition – Star Awards

Finally, APM Terminals Bahrain introduced the “Star Award” to recognize employees with extraordinary achievements from different departments and different level and categories: 63% were local employees.

Leadership Program

The APM Terminals Leadership Program is targeted at all People Leaders at the Terminal. The Program consist of several leadership modules that are entirely self-driven, and self-paced e-learning modules available on an online portal. Of the 70 people leaders, 66% are local.  

The Leading Maersk Program is a four-month learning opportunity. Using a blended learning approach that includes assessments, assignments, digital workouts, 1:1 Coaching, and Facilitator Led virtual sessions, the aim of this learning experience is for the people at APM Terminals Bahrain to identify and explore what it takes to be a Maersk leader. The content is categorized into four focus areas: Leading Self, Understanding Business, Leading Individuals, and Leading Teams.

“The leadership program has been an amazing experience. As a local employee, it’s been great to help learn and improve my skills so I can give back to my country”, said Zainab Ahmed, Maintenance Planning Manager, APM Terminals Bahrain. “COVID-19 was a difficult year but, given we enable 99% of trade on the island, it was critical we continued to deliver for the people in the Kingdom. I couldn’t be prouder of my colleagues and team for continuing to invest in us all, despite the circumstances.”

Internship Programs

APM Terminals Bahrain Virtual Internship program is developed to support current students and introduce them to the business environment, five interns were accepted into the program which also helps support Bahrain’s community across a range of industries, including logistics, engineering, manufacturing, and goods.

The program offers young and diverse students’ exposure to actual working life, and the opportunity to put the theory they have learnt into practice, providing them a foundation to their career choices, and the chance to build valuable business networks for future use. 

A New Way of Working APM

Terminals Bahrain created a new Way of Working (WoW) as a business system to improve performance, while ensuring safety and keeping our people focussed on delivering value to customers and stakeholders. The business system enables APM Terminals to transform the organisation by re-tooling and re-educating the employees to eliminate waste, boost productivity, and promote innovation. WoW opportunities have resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of savings for APM Terminals and customers. Furthermore, WOW initiatives focus on customer satisfaction, which has increased every year for the last 4 years.

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