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Apps That Makes Life Easier by Jacob Thomas

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Apps are everywhere. Research has shown that on an average we spend nearly three hours per day using mobile apps.The apps have come to our rescue whether you have run out of cash, have no time to dine in, do not want to stand in a long queue, forgot to pay bills, etc.

We human beings are always on a lookout to make our lives easier and comfortable and hence have developed a range of applications that assists us in our day to day life.

Let’s have a look at a few mobile apps

You are locked in your home and outside almost all the grocery stores are closed, or even if some of them are open, due to the fear of the fatal virus you do not wish to step outside. So now what? How will you manage groceries? Grocery delivery apps is the answer. According to recent analysis most grocery apps have experienced a 300% growth in average daily downloads. So, this leaves no reason to not download a grocery delivery app.

Fortunately, mobile apps for remote work have made the work from home task simpler. There are many apps to make remote working a smooth process. Slack, a popular business communication platform, Basecamp a project management tool, Zoom a screen sharing and many more such tools are making it possible for businesses to continue work smoothly even from home.

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The current situation has discouraged the use of Cash as currency notes might act as a carrier of the virus and hence everyone is advised to use more electronic payments. With the norm of social distancing, more and more people are relying on Digital payment apps on their smartphones.

For those who are movie lovers, streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. have impeccable series and movies that cannot be missed, while you are locked down at home.

If you still feel that the apps are meant only for the tech-savy, Download some of the apps in the categories and you will be surprised with ease of use and how much they make your life simpler.

Happy Downloading!

by Jacob Thomas,
Co-Founder of WafiApps.com

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