The Lebanese fighter Fakhreddine said he believes Carl Booth has made the most impact in the welterweight division, and he wants to fight him for the Brave title.

“That’s really what I want, to go straight after Carl Booth.  If not him whoever the promotion grants a title shot,” Fakhreddine said. “I think Booth is going to have his chance after his big win on Gaziev. I want to fight him and show all the Brave fans that the Lebanese hype is real.”

Booth gained a ton of confidence and respect after his win over Gadzhimusa Gaziev last December, as it came via knockout. Gaziev came into this fight, as the man to beat. He finished the formerly undefeated Thiago Vieira but was welcomed with a signature knockout from UK’s Booth. Fakhreddine in turn predicted that Gaziev will win, but Booth had other plans.

Fakhreddine (8-1) probably has plenty of options in the table for his next fight. He has become over the last years one of the most popular names in the Middle East. There are money fights for him down the line. He just doesn’t seem to be too interested in them. Fakhreddine said that a lot of people want to see a Jarrah vs Fakhreddine trilogy, but if it’s not for the title, he’s not interested.

“I know what I’m capable of after my knee has been broken down. Now, I’m just as good as I ever was, if not better. So I’m excited to come back and win that title. I am the best welterweight in the Middle East, and at this point in my career, I want to fight the cream de la cream. If people want to see my fight Jarrah, they’re going to have to wait. All the respect for Jarrah and his level, but right now, I have different business to take care of, I want that belt.”

With that being said, fight fans have already showed their interest in watching Fakhreddine do his thing in the cage. Most fight fans just want to see Fakhreddine brawl it out. For him, it’s all about the Golden Brave Belt!

Brave Combat Federation is set to make its first international event in Curitiba, Brazil. Fakhreddine will not take part of this card but a lot of new signed and previously signed fighters are building up that Brave 3 fight card. With just 2 events happening in Bahrain, the exposure and noise this Bahraini based global promotion is getting is remarkable.

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