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Are You in the Mood for Some Japanese?!

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If you are a connoisseur of quality Japanese cuisine, then the Imari restaurant of the Domain Hotel and Spa is your place!

If you  crave for authentic Japanese food then we recommend you head straight to the Imari restaurant of the Domain Hotel and Spa, located on the 35th floor. Imari is a cool, cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant, reminiscent of the fine bone china produced by the seaside town that is its namesake. Inspired by the shared maritime heritage of Bahrain and Japan, Imari offers an unforgettable Japanese dining experience augmented by  beautiful sea views from its lofty location. The blue and white setting of the restaurant creates a visual synergy between the two island nations where water plays a prominent role in both art and commerce. Last but perhaps most important is the food served at Imari! Freshly crafted Robatayaki, Sushi, Sashimi are de rigeur and little plates of Izakaya (Japanese tapas) that can be enjoyed in the lounge along with Japanese beverages from the extensive collection for a complete gastronomical trip to Japan!

What draws BTW to Imari is its mouthwatering Japanese Kaiseki set menu of 5 hypnotic courses. The Appetizers include Japanese Omelet with Grilled Eel, Grilled Eggplant with Japanese “Saikyo” miso, Ball Sushi of Prawn, Grilled “Hamachi” Yellowtail and Boiled Edamame bean. Each of these bring to the table the fresh flavours of Japan and ensconce you to the land of the rising sun and immense energy. Following the starters are the Restaurant’s signature Sashimi which includes Bluefin tuna, Japanese Sea bream, Yellowtail and Fresh Wasabi.  The freshness of the ingredients is unbelievable and worth a thousand return visits! This is adorned on the sides by the assortment of fried dishes like Assorted Tempura, Prawn, White fish, Shiitake mushroom, Sweet potato, Shiso leaves.

Wading through this long course of appetizers, you reach the heart of the meal. Yes! You guessed it right! It’s the main course. Waiting for you in this course is the Wagyu Beef steak & Grilled vegetables served with “Ponzu” sauce that intrigues the gourmet in you and transports you to the land of oriental magic that lingers for some time after you have savoured the last bit.

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As you wonder if there’s any little space left in your tummy and soul after the absolutely soul sating four courses, the sight of the restaurant’s special green tea ice cream forces your will to feel just empty enough for the green refreshing scoop that puts the whole experience in perspective after it’s over. It all ends well when it ends well and you want to return on a revisit to feel pampered and whisked away to the land of warm hospitality and unique oriental food magic—Imari—a little Japan for you in Bahrain!

For reservations, call: +973 16 000 000 or email at restaurant_reservations@thedomainhotels.com

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