Annada launches new Autumn/Winter Collection at Jewellery Arabia 2016

With a brand new collection in hand, Annada ensures the presence of Middle Eastern Art at the region’s biggest jewellery show for the 6th year in a row.

Nada Alawi, Founder and Creative Director of Annada, stated “We actually launched the brand at Jewellery Arabia back in 2011. We are overjoyed to now be releasing our AW16 collection in the show, five years later. It is a wake up call to how far we’ve come and how much the brand has grown.”

unspecifiedunspecified-4The new array of artistic scarves and lifestyle items features the artworks of 12 exceptionally talented artists from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and The Netherlands. The selected art prints range from abstract, calligraphic, and impressionist art styles, making sure that each new piece brightens up any outfit and sets in motion a ripple effect of intrigue and curiosity.

unspecified-3Annada prides itself for beautifully combining expression and culture through the language of fashion. Every collection released is carefully curated to illuminate the luxury industry with emotion, romance, and sentiment. From delicate silk and leather, to fine wool and cashmere, the growing collections epitomize versatility and sartorial grace.

The brand was founded by Nada and Noor Alawi with three simple components: a love for timeless style, a true appreciation for art, and elegance. They launched the brand in Jewellery Arabia 2011, backed by only two artists. To date, Annada has collaborated with over twenty renowned artists from the region, and the number is constantly growing along with its client base. Annada has also been awarded the Bahraini Female Entrepreneur Honor of 2016 by the Supreme Council for Women, and has held a nomination for The Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship.