ART Rotana Hosts Works of Bahraini Digital Artist


    As part ofthe ongoing ‘Seasons of ART’ initiative, ART Rotana Amwaj Islands hosts Mahmood Al Ansari, a digital artist and calligrapher. A selection of his artwork has gone up at the hotel and will be kept for public display throughout the month of March.

    Mahmood’s unique style is portrayed through his artwork where he bridges the world of traditional and cutting edge technology. His work often contains clever and insightful combination of both, equally encompassing the geometric form with elements of free flowing shapes and perspectives unlike the world around us.

    Commenting on his artwork, Mahmood said: “My passion for art and inspiration to pursue art was aspired from my father’s recent diagnosis with ALS disease. It had a huge impact on my life and hence the birth of my artwork; my aim is to increase awareness about ALS and help find a cure.”

    This initiative forms part of the Hotel’s mission to engage with the local arts community and establish the hotel as a Hub for artists and arts enthusiasts alike.