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Aspiring Parents get two chances of conception in 1 cycle via IVF

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Bahrain Specialist Hospital, whose internationally recognized Center of Excellence for Women Care and a leading IVF Center in Bahrain, is offering couples a limited time special IVF package of BD 1,600 including Medication, Laboratory test, all IVF procedures, Embryo freezing thereby providing two chances for pregnancy in 1 cycle.

Dr. Kasim O. Ardati, Managing Director of Bahrain Specialist Hospital, commented: “Every couple has the right to have a child of their own; in the case that they are unable to do so naturally, IVF can be a miraculous solution. However, IVF can sometimes be too costly for some. That’s why we are very happy to offer this highly affordable IVF package, making the dream of a complete family a reality for all.”

Launched in 2007, the Bahrain Specialist Hospital’s IVF center is among the oldest facilities for fertility solutions in Bahrain and offers services across a wide spectrum including pre-implantation genetic screening, semen analysis, embryo and semen freezing, among others.

Dr. Kasim O. Ardati, further commented, “Bahrain Specialist Hospital has one of the highest success rates in the country due to the experience of our specialists coupled with our advanced infrastructure. Unlike other centers, the entire IVF cycle is done at BSH itself, with its fully equipped IVF laboratory as well as an operating theatre for egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The hospital also has a cryogenic storage facility for the storing of frozen embryos and sperm for future use.”

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“Another key reason for the high success rate is the quality of the Laboratory which meets international standards where a blastocyst culture is done. It is universally known that a blastocyst culture gives a highest pregnancy rate,” he added.  The Bahrain Specialist Hospital IVF package is available for a limited period only. Those interested in availing of the offer can book their appointment by calling 17812222 or visiting www.bahrainspecialisthospital.com.

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