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AUBH Honors Faculty & Staff as it Marks First Bahraini Women ’s Day Since Opening

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Four out of eight members of AUBH’s senior management team are Bahraini women.

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) today honored its female members of staff and faculty, thanking them for their contribution to the national economy and their passion for their roles since the University opened in September 2019. AUBH also announced that women make up the majority of the management team, comprising six out of eight members, four of whom are Bahraini. As the first American-style University in the Kingdom of Bahrain, embracing equality and diversity at all levels is integrated into the institution’s approach and day to day operations.

Founding President Dr. Susan E. Saxton, who brings over 25 years of educational expertise to AUBH, commented: “Our Faculty and Staff are hand-picked from the best of local and global talent, and I am very proud that many of them are also women in senior positions within the University. I would like to personally thank our team for their commitment to our mission of raising the bar for education in the Kingdom, and for being constantly engaged with our unique American-style approach to our programs. As educators, I know I speak for all them, when I say we have one goal of producing a different caliber of graduate, and this begins with the passion of our team.”

The AUBH Bahraini women honored in the senior team (pictured) include Shayma Abulfatih, Director of Finance; Amal Alawadhi, Director of Student Affairs; Sameera Alatawi, Director of Information Technology, and Rasha Ameen, Human Resources Manager. Commenting on the occasion, Mrs AlAwadhi, said: “Nothing is more rewarding than having the opportunity to touch lives and celebrate new possibilities on a daily basis,” whilst her colleague Dr. Hanan Naser, Associate Professor of Business and Economics, commented: ”There is no greater pillar than a strong, free & educated woman.”

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AUBH is the first private, American-style university in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer a world-class educational experience. AUBH was established in line with the Kingdom’s plans to upscale the country’s academic quality and advance its status as an educational role model for the Arab region. With a strong emphasis on employability and cultural awareness, the AUBH experience is unique to this region. It combines dynamic instruction, hand-picked faculty, personalized mentorship, state-of-the-art premises and a multi-cultural, thriving campus to help students achieve their career goals and transform into well-rounded, employment-ready professionals.


For more information on the University, you can visit the website at www.aubh.edu.bh.

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