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Avoid these skin mistakes during Winter

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Dry skin and winter season are quite the duo and there are mistakes that can make our skin worse. Here’s a guide to understand avoid these mistakes.

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1) A hot shower strips the moisture of the skin and disturbs the pH balance of the skin. This damages the top layer of the skin and makes your skin dry. So, it is better to stick to lukewarm water for your showers.

2) You need to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin cells and for the lip balm to work its magic in winter.

3) Using a mild body lotion that worked in the summers won’t work as efficiently in winter. Use a thicker and heavier formula to keep your skin nourished and moisturised.

4) If you think the sun rays won’t be as harsh as in the summers and you can skip your SPF, you are highly mistaken. Put on some sunscreen every day before stepping out to nourish your skin.

5) We tend to use heat blowers to fight the freezing cold. Exposing your skin to the heat blowers for a long time drains the moisture of your skin.

6) Soaps have higher SPF and the alcohol present in a perfumed soap can strip the moisture of the skin. Mild and organic soaps are perfect to fight winter dryness.

7) Our diet has a major role in skin health. Drink plenty of water, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables loaded with the nutrition.

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