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BACA continues to share cultural action with the public and launches “Table & Chair” competition for Artists and Designers

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Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities has recently launched “Table & Chair” Design Competition, as part of its continuous efforts to get the public involved in the artistic and cultural events, as the participants, artists and designers, above 18 years old, are encouraged to take part in the competition via the Culture Authority’s official website on www.culture.gov.bh .

The competition “Table & Chair” aims to enhance  creativity of the participants to discover the potential art manifestations of these two pieces, delve into their beautiful significations and functionalities, taking into consideration the shape, function and work environment.

BACA seeks to make this competition an annual event as part of the Art Center’s program aimed to enrich the artistic scene in the Kingdom of Bahrain, through a series of different events and exhibitions held for artists settled in Bahrain and elsewhere. Bahrain Culture also seeks to get closer to and reach out to designers and architects through this event.

In addition, Bahrain Culture Authority encourages participants to concentrate more on the notions of creativity, sustainability and diversity while making the designs, adopting recycling principles and reuse of these materials. The Organizing Committee of this event has selected in its choice the table and chair pieces, given the possible potential of these two pieces to reinventing, brilliant redefinition of their creative innovative designs and functionality.

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All participants who wish to take part in this competition, are, however, kindly requested to observe the conditions and requirements required; their creative works should be authentic and personal original masterpieces, and send their participation demands to BACA’s website before the deadline in September 2020. The participation demand request should include statement of the different steps of design phases, details of research steps and data collection, as well as the development of the design, initial drawings and manuscripts and the detailed graphics, 3D drawings and the raw materials used attached with the sizes and dimensions.  Participants are also invited to send the design stereotype model not exceeding 15X15X15 cm to the Art Center attached with the participation request demand.

After the end of the deadline of the final step of the competition, the Approval and Arbitration Committee will examine the requests presented, select the accepted demands, choose the winning demands and communicate with all participants through e-mail to inform them about the results of their participation. For more information on the competition and its requirements and conditions, please contact BACA on 17298745 or via e-mail via fineart@culture.culture.gov.bh .

It is worth mentioning that Bahrain Culture Authority will continue to carry out its work plan strategy, masterminding a visionary endeavor transforming the actual daily activities into virtual reality shows and events. In fact, Bahrain Culture Authority started as early as the pandemic outbreak to implement this vision by offering an array of cultural and educational events via its educational portal and other websites on a daily basis. BACA’s e-content is widely versified ranging between exhibitions, world –class concerts, virtual visits to historical sites, museums, visitor centers and shows, documentary films, and interactive activities for the all ages public. This rich cultural e-content can be easily accessed via BACA’s official website www.culture-gov.bh  or via its social networks accounts on @culturebah .

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