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Bahrain has 3rd cheapest Internet fares in GCC

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BDRC has gathered data from 3,351 individual broadband packages, in 196 countries which were then analyzed by Cable.co.uk during the eight-week period up to 12 October 2017.

 According to the study, Bahrain has the third cheapest Internet fares in the GCC. Bahrain’s average monthly package price for its broadband packages is $104.93(BD39), Saudi Arabia $84.03, Qatar $149.41,  UAE $155.17 is the most expensive in the GCC and Kuwait whose average is $55.3 monthly has the cheapest internet fare in GCC.

Iran offers the world’s cheapest broadband, with an average cost of $5.37 per month followed by Nepal $ 18.85 and Sri Lanka $20.17 – all three ranked among the cheapest in the world.  While Burkina Faso is the most expensive, with an average package price of $954.54. In the Near East region Syria came in cheapest with an average monthly price of $12.15 per month. Within Western Europe Italy is the cheapest with an average package price of $28.89 per month, followed by Germany $34.07, Denmark $35.90 and France $36.34. The UK came in 8th cheapest out of 28, with an average package price of $40.52 per month.

Six of the top ten cheapest countries in the world are found in the former USSR (Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS), including the Russian Federation itself, report said.

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