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NewsBahrain achieves highest score in global COVID-19 Recovery Index since its launch, maintains world leadership

Bahrain achieves highest score in global COVID-19 Recovery Index since its launch, maintains world leadership

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Bahrain has made history by breaking the top score in the Nikkei COVID-19 Recovery Index as the Kingdom reinforced its top position globally.

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Bahrain achieved 82% for the month of December, the highest score since the Nikkei COVID-19 Recovery Index was launched last year. The record was 76% by China for the month of June 2021 in the first listing.  

Bahrain’s top ranking on the list of 122 countries is the latest demonstration of its successful role in leading COVID-19 mitigation efforts, including the increase in vaccination rollout (vaccines and boosters) and the full adherence to health precautionary measures.

The ranking reflects Bahrain’s outstanding efforts in delivering more than 3.350 million COVID-19 vaccination doses (first, second, and booster doses) and carrying out more than 8 million tests, according to statistics from the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health.

Bahrain on this month’s recovery index  came ahead of Chile 76.5%, Taiwan 75.5%, the UAE 75%, and China 74.5%.

In the ranking for the month of November, Bahrain topped the world with 73%.

The index, first published in July, assesses 122 countries and regions in terms of COVID recovery by calculating a score between 0 and 90 based on nine factors divided into three categories: infection management, vaccine rollouts, and mobility.

Infection management includes confirmed cases of COVID-19 versus peak case count, confirmed cases per capita and tests per case.

Vaccine rollouts cover total vaccine doses given per capita, new vaccine doses given per capita, and share of people who have been fully vaccinated.

Mobility deals with community mobility, Oxford stringency index, and flight activities.

The higher the ranking, the closer a country is to recovery – with low infections, higher inoculation rates and less-strict social distancing measures.

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