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Bahrain Chamber hosts “Education for the future” seminar

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The education and training committee of the Bahrain Chamber held on Wednesday May 8, 2024 a seminar titled “Educating for the future and improving outcomes for learners” presented by Lead Officer for developing the young workforce at Aberdeenshire Council in Scotland, Andrew Ritchie in the presence of the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Policies and Learning Dr. Samah Al Ajjawi, the Head of the Committees’ Steering Group at the Bahrain Chamber, Waleed Kanoo, Chairman of the education and training committee at the Bahrain Chamber Yusuf Abdul Ghaffar and the Vice Chairman of the education and training committee, Dr.Ahmed Al-Koofi. The seminar was also attended by individuals keenly interested in education.

The seminar showcased Scotland’s student apprenticeship model and its potential transferability to Bahrain. It aimed to determine how the positive outcomes for both youth and employers could enhance educational quality and bolster economic development in Bahrain. This initiative aligns with the Chamber’s commitment to improving education outcomes and aligning them with the labor market’s needs.

For his part, Ritchie touched upon the Aberdeenshire Apprenticeship model, stressing the importance of developing a young workforce and providing them with optimal pathways to navigate the labor market. He highlighted the growth of fields of study in universities, such as data science, financial technology, and cybersecurity, and the importance of matching the curricula with the demands of the economy. He also highlighted the similarities between Scotland and Bahrain in multiple areas, emphasizing the importance of setting apprenticeship goals to foster experiential learning and cultivate fairness and opportunities for the youth.

For her part, Al Ajjawi praised the Chamber’s initiative and keenness to organize such purposeful seminars, stressing the importance of enhancing technical vocational training and education to ensure the achievement of national expertise in various fields. She highlighted the Ministry of Education’s focus on advancing technical vocational training and fostering partnerships with the private sector to enhance government services. Moreover, she emphasized improving early childhood education, ensuring teaching quality, and developing school infrastructure, noting the sector’s potential for profitable investment while enhancing educational standards.

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For his part, Abdul Ghaffar emphasized that the seminar is part of the Chamber’s commitment to enhancing education in Bahrain. He noted the Chamber’s plans to host further events and conferences focusing on education to facilitate the exchange of experiences and visions for the sector’s future.

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