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Bahrain International Airport launches back up Airport Operations Center to ensure continuity

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Bahrain International Airport (BIA) has become one of the few airports in the world to have a fully functioning backup Airport Operations Center (APOC) to ensure business continuity during emergencies. An important component of the airport’s business continuity plans, the facility replicates the main APOC and is equipped with advanced technologies needed for managing irregularities and operational disruptions. Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) CEO, Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah said: “The APOC is a vital component in any airport’s day to day business, acting as a nerve center for all of operations departments and associated stakeholders. We have taken great lengths to avoid any technical or operational disfunctions at this facility in the interest of maintaining the airport’s 24 hours a day operationality. In addition to that, we have now set up a remote facility at BAC headquarters, this new backup facility is a replica of the current one, equipped with advanced technology to manage irregularities and operational disruptions. It is easily accessible by the APOC teams in the case of any emergency or disruption to operations in the terminal building. Having a backup facility of this calibre is not common practice internationally and we can now proudly count ourselves among the most efficient few.” Formal procedures are also in place that detail under what circumstances and how this backup location should be activated and put into operation. APOC team members have been trained to operate the facility and will receive regular hands on experience with it to ensure they are ready in the case of emergencies.

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