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Bahrain-UAE Business Council Strengthens Economic Ties and Promotes Investment Collaboration

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Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber, Sameer Nass, emphasized the deep-rooted relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, and the importance of these relations in achieving economic cooperation at all levels. This came during his meeting with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom of Bahrain Fahad bin Mohammed Salem Kardous Al Ameri.

Nass pointed out that the Joint Business Council between Bahrain and the UAE comes as a complement to these established relations and an extension of the economic history and historical geography between the two brotherly countries, which aims to enhance cooperation in promising sectors between the two brotherly countries and mechanisms for benefiting from the great economic potentials and components in the Bahraini and Emirati markets, and translating them into alliances that contribute to opening new investment horizons for the private sector and help in the localization of mutual projects between the two countries.

Similarly, the UAE Ambassador emphasized the depth of the historical relations between the two countries, the leaderships and peoples, which constantly pushes for further enhancing commercial and investment cooperation, reflected in comprehensive economic development. He noted that the launch of the Bahraini-Emirati Business Council comes to enhance the competitiveness of Gulf industries. He also stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation between the private sector in the two countries in promising areas, especially those related to artificial intelligence, which has a promising future at the regional level, while affirming the economic role played by the Chambers of Commerce in the development of the Gulf economy. Al Ameri visited the Bahrain Chamber studio and was apprised of the experience of producing business programs. He also toured the Client Care Center and learnt about the services provided to members.

For his part, First vice-Chairman Khalid Najibi, reaffirmed that the Joint Business Council between the two countries represents a valuable opportunity for further partnerships in industrial sectors and opening doors for investors from the business communities in both countries, which will have a positive impact on the desired economic growth. He praised the depth of the solid brotherly relations that unite the two countries and peoples, and the importance of continuing to develop the fields of tourism and industrial cooperation to achieve further growth in the economic, trade and investment.

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In turn, the Second vice-Chairman, Mohamed Al-Kooheji, emphasized the importance of the economic and trade relations between the two countries in a way that serves the aspirations of the two leaderships, and contributes to opening new avenues for effective partnership between the business communities in the two brotherly countries, leading to broader horizons that achieve the desired economic cooperation under the shared visions of the leaderships of the two countries. He stressed the need to enhance the ways of joint cooperation between the two countries in the promising sectors to achieve high growth rates and keep pace with global changes.

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